How to Check Desktop Publishing (DTP) Files for Print Quality Control

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How to check Desktop Publishing (DTP) files for print quality control, using the FlightCheck preflight application:

Some built-in or lightweight preflight tools do not check or provide the information that your workflow needs. A standalone application could show where your document strays from print specifications.

Software developer, Markzware, successfully spearheads the innovation of a number of products for print, publishing and graphic arts users. Markzware’s FlightCheck is the standard print software to verify whether documents meet your workflow’s printing quality specifications.

FlightCheck is a huge time-saver for efficient print production of flawless documents. Find out more about Markzware’s preflighting app, in this demonstration video:

How to Check Desktop Publishing (DTP) Files for Print Quality Control

Markzware‘s FlightCheck is a comprehensive pre press software to help find spec discrepancies in print files.

How to Check Desktop Publishing (DTP) Files for Print Quality Control, via FlightCheck:
• Install and activate FlightCheck preflight software.
• Click on your preferred checkboxes in FlightCheck’s Preferences and Ground Controls.
• Set Ground Control items to Off, Warning, or Error, depending on the needs of your print workflow.
• Drag and drop your file onto the FlightCheck icon to begin the preflighting process.
• FlightCheck will alert you to the potential printing problems that you specified.

Preflighting can give you an advantage over your competition. Quality checks via FlightCheck can make a huge difference, especially if you handle multiple prepress file types.

There are many advantages to using FlightCheck, Markzware’s preflight software:
• preflights both PDF and non-PDF documents for printing quality.
• assures clients that a preflight checklist has been completed before the intended audience sees the document.
• enables team members to stay up to date on a specific print job, using a single folder.
• saves you the cost of repeat file corrections and print runs.
• has a customizable preflight checklist and Ground Controls.
• is handy for huge, complex documents that require a lot of effort to check via eyesight.
• gives commercial print shops impressive capabilities to help improve productivity.
• allows customer list growth, thanks to the draw of quality print products.
• enables users to discover file problems, before they become expensive printing problems.
• allows the workflow to proceed faster, by batch preflighting several files at once.

Using FlightCheck Software to Preflight Images and
Check Desktop Publishing (DTP) Files for Print Quality Control:

Sorting Images in Publishing with Markzware FlightCheckFeatures in FlightCheck
• DTP file support, including for Adobe Creative Cloud file types, such as InDesign CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2017 and Photoshop CC 2017.
• Ground Controls options that give you the freedom to customize your print workflow.
• support for a variety of regional languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, and Spanish.
• file collection to package relevant files into one print job folder.
• preflight report on possible printing issues.

Art Directors can produce artwork for printers and view a report on print job details. FlightCheck makes it easy to see an inventory of the print job, including page size, colors used, etc.

FlightCheck can check Adobe Creative Cloud and other DTP file types, including:
• InDesign
• Illustrator
• QuarkXPress
• Photoshop

With FlightCheck, you can get a summary report of the data from your printing quality check. You can send the preflight report, along with your print job, to the printer, as verification that you checked the job per requested standards.

Markzware’s document inspection application supports the macOS platform. FlightCheck allows users to implement a better method to check documents in a Mac-based print workflow.

Some common file problems you can inspect with FlightCheck include:
• images
• colors
• fonts
• file format
• transparencies
• ink density
• page size
• trapping

Markzware FlightCheck logo

FlightCheck can report on page size, bleed settings, used images, image resolution, used fonts, and other print checkpoints. Get it and check print files for DTP, today!

For more information on Markzware’s pre press software to check files for print quality control, see the FlightCheck page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) and printing solutions, see the Markzware Products page.

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How to Check Desktop Publishing (DTP) Files for Print Quality Control

Title: How to Check Desktop Publishing (DTP) Files for Print Quality Control
Published on: July 25, 2017
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