Illustrator and Prepress Print-Ready Files with FlightCheck

Illustrator and Prepress Print-Ready Files with FlightCheck

Adobe Illustrator and Prepress…
Preflight Illustrator and Package Illustrator with
Digital Prepress Check List Software

Adobe Illustrator Prepress: Fridays with Mordy Golding
Winner of the FlightCheck give-away (see below)!

Every Friday at 2:oo PM EST, Mordy Golding, the former product manager for Adobe Illustrator, airs a live broadcast via Adobe Connect on tips and tricks for Adobe Illustrator users and often on technology in general. You can even chat and interact on the side-bar, which is really fun, as well as educational. One Friday, his educational show titled, “Illustrator and Prepress” highlighted FlightCheck for Adobe Illustrator preflighting and packaging.

Illustrator and Prepress with FlightCheck

FlightCheck is the perfect tool for Adobe Illustrator prepress with its helpful options and prepress check list. It is the only stand-alone preflight app that will preflight Illustrator, as well as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, PDF, QuarkXPress and much more. Plus, it can package Illustrator and even placed .AI files with non-embedded images within InDesign page layout!

We have a Winner!
We provided the prize: a FREE copy of Markzware FlightCheck, software for printing and publishing with a prepress check list, making the print workflow a breeze, including steps to preflight and package Illustrator. The prize winner was Jennifer Varga, a participant in the interactive broadcast last week on Illustrator and Prepress.
Markzware FlightCheck User, Jennifer A. Varga, Graphic Production Artist, Monarch Engraving
Jennifer A. Varga has been working as a Graphic Production Artist at Monarch Engraving for about five years now. Her work is primarily prepress and involves trapping, color separation, layout, stepping, and cleaning up artwork for several different customer accounts. At times, it is necessary to re-create art work if the customers do not have adequate art files. The majority of the files that she prepares for print are for flexography printing, and the remainder of them are for litho printing. Prior to Monarch, she worked at American Greetings in the photographics department. Jennifer earned a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in fine art printmaking from the University of Akron in 2003.

So, check out FlightCheck plus, of course, Fridays with Mordy and his episode on Illustrator and Prepress!

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