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FlightCheck and Adobe’s Live Preflight – Question and Answer:

A question Markzware received regarding FlightCheck preflight solution for Adobe CS5 and CS4 plus many other file formats:

Hi David,

Yes, it was an interesting demo. However, one question that I have is regarding InDesign CS4.

I have read some of your comments regarding InDesign’s preflighting features compared to FlightCheck, which I totally agree with, but do these comments still stand when comparing against InDesign’s “live preflight” offering – I guess they do but would value your opinion.

Kind Regards,

Markzware answers this question referencing FlightCheck, which can preflight Adobe CS5 plus CS4 and more:

Hello Ian,

Excellent question. InDesign CS4’s new “Live Preflight” feature does appear to have some interesting functionality which could be useful. For instance text overflow – and being brought right to the issue to fix it… However we also had our FlightCheck Studio (XT and Plugin offering live preflight) which failed. Designers use the other side of the brain when designing and do not want to be bothered, while in the midst of the design. Thus, FlightCheck is like your tennis coach, whom you sit down with after designing and it warns you of hundreds of things – 200 more than InDesign’s Live preflight approximately.

FlightCheck Professional is a stand-alone application that will offer a familiar and easy-to-use interface for checking all Adobe print application formats (Illustrator, PDF, Photoshop, InDesign, etc) and many others like QuarkXPress, PS, EPS, etc. Thus, it is a perfect tool for basing your preflight workflow on; both automated as well as manual.

Furthermore, usage in a workflow is only possible with FlightCheck Professional.

I have not had much feedback yet on the accuracy of the Live Preflight, but we can inform you that Markzware is the inventor, US Patent holder and leader in preflight, having been doing this for some 15 years….

It is important to understand this analogy about the tennis coach: How often do you see a tennis coach at the US Open or Wimbledon  down next to the player, actively coaching him? Rarely to never. They may shout words of encouragement, but that is it. The analysis; watching videos, going over details and making adjustments to the swing or grip, happens generally outside of the match. True preflight or packaging everything they have been training on for the next big match, happens before match day, not during the event.

The same holds true with preflighting, which Markzware has been doing for years, and thus has a good pulse on how it works, including for Adobe CS5 and CS4. When in the creative stage, designing and even at layout, graphic designers do not (generally) want to be bothered with too much technical information. The time to use “that other side of the brain” and make sure the project meets specifications, is in the right formats, no low-resolution images used, etc (i.e., preflight) happens after this creative stage is done. Then they collect everything together and either make a PDF or send the collected job to the printer or next person in the workflow. That is what our experiences with numerous creative designers have shown us.

For more information on FlightCheck and how it can preflight file formats like Adobe CS5 and CS4, watch this video:

Live Preflight Adobe and Markzware FlightCheck

Title: Live Preflight Adobe and Markzware FlightCheck
Published on: December 2, 2008
David Dilling

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