Newspaper kiosk: Is paper in digital print, on-demand, the future?

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FlightCheck is the pre-flight tool from Markzware for preflighting desktop publishing (DTP) files and is beneficial to digital or non-digital printers. Long-time FlightCheck preflight software user, Gary George, now turned industry consultant, has what I think is a great idea for the future of print: newspapers printed on-demand via kiosks! Check out his blog post on this brainstorm:
Newspaper Kiosk and Printing with Markzware FlightCheck

“Here I am again gassing away about an idea that I shared with some people I know (Andy Frazer & Andrzej Wojtowicz) on our Linkedin Tunicca Premedia Lounge, the idea focused about a kiosk for newspapers that provided user focused content that was printed on demand.

Originally I was thinking this was a bit of a dumb idea, but through email discussions with the guys it would appear that actually we could actually be on a winner here….. let’s look at what it would be and why it might actually work!”

Yes, it surely might work! I remember seeing a special edition of a German newspaper in digital printing on their ICE high-speed train service. Today, with the World Wide Web, personalization, quality of digital printing and relative size of a decent digital printing press, makes this idea almost certainly a winner. Gary dreams up more on this:

“But what if, a consumer could go to his local news agents on the way to work and a personalized copy of his news is there waiting for him, or he states an arrival time at a destination station where he would collect his paper from. What about getting on a flight and being able to select the language of the paper you wish you read as well as the type of content….”

Airports, subways but even busy city street corners would be logical places for such devices. Hmmm, maybe you could retro-fit these to act as “Download Points” for eBooks and eNewspapers for the Amazon Kindle and what have you? Oh, sure, maybe petrol or gas stations would be a nice place to have these surely sponsored kiosks, offering today’s news, now, printed on-demand.

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With the Internet, the content could literally be fresh, 24-7. You may need to print your copy several times a day, to stay up-to-date on breaking news! Well, anyway, I love this idea, Gary. Could this be in the future of print?

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Title: Newspaper kiosk: Is paper in digital print, on-demand, the future?
Published on: June 12, 2009
David Dilling

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