Can I preflight and package Adobe Illustrator files?

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Yes, you can preflight Illustrator, as well as package Illustrator to collect fonts and images used in your Adobe Illustrator CS5, CS4 or CS3 artwork with FlightCheck by Markzware. Here is a little video demonstration on how to preflight Illustrator and package Illustrator, using FlightCheck:

Video: Package (and preflight) Adobe Illustrator artwork
with FlightCheck

Package (and preflight) Adobe Illustrator artwork with FlightCheck

Hi everybody! David Dilling here from Markzware. I want to share with you a question we just got which we’ve been asked before. And It’s a very useful tip, I believe particularly if you’re using Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator files, in this case CS3. The question was: Can I use FlightCheck of course to preflight my Illustrator files? But more importantly for this customer: Can I package, can I collect fonts and images used into one folder? InDesign does this for their customer. Of course, FlightCheck does this stand-alone and compresses the file, but Illustrator does not. Can FlightCheck help me? In short, the answer is YES! So, let me show you how that works.

So, here we have the illustrator CS3 file. And see, it’s, you know, in an Illustrator file. You’ve got images and all kinds of things in there. We’re just trying out different types of things. You know, basically, a lot of times in Illustrator, if you are fully done with these, you would just go in here and select your items and go on to type and you would just create outlines. That would take care of … you will need to package fonts …sort of embedded in the file that would turn into outlines which just creates everything into a little image so to speak, or graphic. But we need to pass it on to somebody else who needs to edit the text and the type quite a bit and change type and things like that, so there is no way to package up your Illustrator font. There is a way to preflight either. So, we can get two birds with one stone. Let’s save this. Let us go and drop this on to FlightCheck Professional v6 to show you how this works.

Package Adobe Illustrator with Markzware FlightCheck

Now, FlightCheck is a stand alone application which would preflight 50 file formats, so you can use it to check your files and to give you a full pre-flight check before you go to print or go to use it online. So, we see FlightCheck process a preflighting file here. In this case, we are not going to print with this jobs. The preflight is not the main thing. We just briefly go over that. I just want to show you how we could package Illustrator, attach the fonts up before we send off to the next party. So there we have our little report. Once again, we can see a lot of red, because we have our ground controls set up for print. We don’t want any if we are going to print. We don’t want low res images etc., etc… In this case, we can’t worry too much about that, and just ignore a lot of these given problems here.
So, in the main interface, we can see a lot of information. Once again we see a lot of low res information here and things that we might need to check and to redo if we are going to print. But for online, it’s just fine. We see all the fonts are here; that’s the most important. In this case, we are worried if there are missing fonts (from those used and active on our system). So, that’s when we’re gonna go to the next part of this demonstration, which is the collect job functionality. When we select that, we get this window with a lot of possibilities. We can collect files or package it, as it is called in the Adobe world – everything – package fonts and images, all of them, and even required plug ins, in some cases, and things like that.

Now, we can also compress the job, which is quite useful for sending on to the next party. That’s what we are going to do now, and it’s really quite simple. As soon as we hit collect, it’s going to simply collect that entire job. That’s kind of neat. That’s kind of a nice little thing – sort of having name clashes. We had the same file in our desktop from our earlier test round so to speak. And we get it here. We’ve got the zipped up file. We’ve got a little “FlightCheck approved” icon, sort of like a Certified PDF, but for source job files, like Adobe files, which will – we’ll zoom it out here – which says watch out, has some errors. Only decompress that file. What we see is, we’ve got a nice little folder with all used fonts, all used images, a little preflight report and the file. It’s a great package tool to use both for InDesign as well as Illustrator, and Quark and many other file formats, because it also compresses everything for you. For more information, you can see our posts on how to package Illustrator files.

So, there you go. That’s a quick little demonstration of how to use Markzware’s FlightCheck to collect, everything used in your Illustrator file in this case, to be packaged up and sent on to the next party, or archived, and many other uses for using this. Thank you for your time. David Dilling here, signing off from Markzware.

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Can I preflight and package Adobe Illustrator Files?

Title: Can I preflight and package Adobe Illustrator files?
Published on: June 11, 2009
David Dilling

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