Preflight and Package Multiple Documents

Preflight and Package Multiple Documents

Preflight Multiple Documents and
Package Multiple Documents

FlightCheck is a powerful preflight solution that can preflight multiple documents, as well as package multiple documents. Among other abilities, it can collect files into one folder. This eliminates the need to collect the same links multiple times for each graphic design of the page layout. This is especially useful when you package Illustrator or InDesign files in multiple documents that share the same linked images. This saves valuable production time and money. If you package Adobe Illustrator or InDesign when you preflight multiple documents, then FlightCheck is the ideal stand-alone application to use. Preflight with FlightCheck is a very important prepress step in the ideal print workflow.

FlightCheck’s Collect Window allows you to customize the way you collect and package fonts, or package InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and many file types. FlightCheck offers several collect options that you can customize, when you collect for document output. With FlightCheck’s Collect Menu, you can collect files from many collectable file classes of fonts and images. The number of collected files and the total uncompressed job size are shown in FlightCheck’s Job Info.

When you preflight multiple documents, FlightCheck can also compare documents. Each Overview Window that is open in FlightCheck is a report for a Top Level document, when you preflight multiple documents. Therefore, when you preflight three documents, you will see three documents, Overview Windows and a Results Window open in FlightCheck.

Watch how FlightCheck can preflight Illustrator and other file types, as well as package Illustrator and several file formats:

In the FlightCheck Preflight Menu, select “Preflight Document” to recheck any open documents, including to recheck multiple documents. In that case, they will all be rescanned, when you choose Preflight Document. (Pressing Command-F, or the Recheck button in the FlightStrip, also invokes this command.) Also in the FlightCheck Preflight Menu, you can select “Launch Document” to launch your current open document’s native application in the latest version that it can find. (Example:  If you preflight Illustrator CS4 documents and have Illustrator CS4 and CS5 on your computer, FlightCheck launches the document in Illustrator CS5.) For multiple documents, FlightCheck launches the native application for the document in the frontmost Overview Window, unless your computer cannot access the native application.

FlightCheck enables you to preflight and package multiple documents, including to preflight Illustrator or package Illustrator. To purchase FlightCheck, please visit the FlightCheck page on the Markzware website.

Preflight and Package Multiple Documents

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