Printing Tips for Graphic Designers; color graphics printing perfectly

Printing Tips for Graphic Designers; color graphics printing perfectly

Printing tips to print color graphics created by graphic designers:

Printing tips for graphic designers on the prepress side of the print workflow. How to create color InDesign and other  graphic design page layouts… You want to ultimately print without printing problems, or perfectly output to PDF. First, here are the 10 most common preflight problems to avoid:

GATF's Top Ten Preflight Problems ListThis is a preflight graphic that has provided printing tips for years. Amazing how it all basically stays the same: Missing fonts, incorrect trapping (when two different colors overlap), incorrect color usage, images in the wrong color mode, improper page set-up settings, unlinked graphics or images, inadequate bleeds, no proof (soft or print), missing images, too low or too high image resolution.

With this in mind, here are ten graphic design tips from a colorful blog post titled, “10 Pre-Press Tips For Perfect Print Publishing“:

1. Use RGB Color Mode For Photoshop Images
2. Specify The Right Color Settings
3. Ditch Photoshop EPS Files And Use PSD Files Instead
4. Accurately Simulate CMYK While Working In RGB
5. Selecting the Right CMYK Output Profile For The Job
6. Use InDesign Instead Of Photoshop To Make The Final Color Conversion
7. Download All The Profiles
8. Exporting A Perfect CMYK PDF Using RGB Images
9. Avoiding Errors When Using RGB Images And Spot Colors
10. Share Your PDF Files With

How can you accomplish the perfect print? FightCheck can help you preflight or make sure that these items are in place and correctly. It can check Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, PDF, QuarkXPress and many other desktop publishing (DTP) file formats, including Photoshop 7 (7.0). It will even collect files and package fonts and images used! Check out this pre press software when you order your prepress supplies today:

FlightCheck, the preflighting solution from Markzware, can check documents in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and more file types during prepress to ensure printing quality. FlightCheck helps you avoid printing problems by thoroughly preflighting for print during prepress, before printing. FlightCheck is available online from Markzware at the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions are available on the Markzware Products page. Want more printing tips? Check out these InDesign tips.

Printing Tips for Graphic Designers; color graphics printing perfectly

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