Quark Promote – Quark the graphic designer and printer?

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Quark Promote, a new program in North America launched by Quark. This program allows you to search for a  graphic designer or for printers. Basically, they are offering online graphic design and printing services. You know, template-based printing products, such as full-color business cards, letterhead, printed envelopes and more. These products and services are available through their Internet printing portal:

Professional designs, high-quality paper, 4-color, and shipping INCLUDED!
Source: http://quarkpromote.quark.com/

Quark does not appear to be printing themselves, but seems to be working through a wide network of print providers. Also, they offer a service to locate graphic designers, via their “Find a designer or join our graphic designer community” link. This shows that Quark is reaching out to creative professionals in the print workflow.

What is your take on this? Is it a logical move from the makers of QuarkXPress, the popular layout design software? Or is it a step too far into competition with those very graphic design and print users? Please comment below, regarding your view.

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Quark Promote – Quark the graphic designer and printer?

Title: Quark Promote – Quark the graphic designer and printer?
Published on: January 11, 2010
David Dilling

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