How to Relink Images in InDesign and Preflight InDesign CS6

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How to Relink Images in InDesign

Adobe InDesign software tutorial on how to relink images in Adobe InDesign and preflight InDesign CS6 with FlightCheck pre-press software for print quality control by Markzware… not just one image at a time, but how in InDesign you can relink all broken links or missing images with just a few mouse clicks:

How to Relink Images in InDesign

Preflight InDesign CS6 with FlightCheck preflight solution and
relink images in InDesign

Alright, so how do we relink images in Adobe InDesign. Hopefully, we can fix their bad file. (FlightCheck eagle screeches.) And there we saw FlightCheck (pre press software) speedily rip through that file and tell us what our potential problems are, problems or what’s ok. A preflight check.

We see, right away, we have some missing images. A quick and easy way to get in InDesign from FlightCheck is via the page layout. Here, I can see the various missing elements and I can click Launch Document and boom!

We’re right up within Adobe InDesign. Now, we’re inside the file, right in InDesign. Now, I don’t need FlightCheck to relink images in InDesign, so how do I do that?

How do I relink images within InDesign? Well, now that we’re inside InDesign, we see that images are missing, again. Let’s show you how to do that.
Relink Images in Adobe InDesign
“This document contains links and sources that have been modified. You can update the modified links now, or update them later using the Links panel.” And that’s, basically, images, in this case, right? So, we see
“5 – Missing Link(s)
1 – Modified Link(s)”.

If we go to the Update Links panel, you know, where you see your Color, your Pages. You see the whole document in small, so to speak, in detail.
Adobe InDesign Links Panel
If we click on Links, we get here a whole bunch of information. We see that this logo, that this EPS, is missing. The Markzware logo. We see this one is also missing. We see that by the question mark here.

To re-link the image, we double-click. Now, before I double-click, what I want to do is hold down the Option key. On the Macintosh, that’s the Alt key, on a lot of the computers, portables, the MacBook Pros, the Alt or Option key. Now, hold that down and double-click. I can then go in and search for these, these missing images, this one for the PDF2DTP-Logo.pdf.

I happen to know where these are, because I’m the designer here, so I can find it, right? Navigate to that folder and there it is. So, now when I click open, “Searched this relink directory, and found and relinked 4 missing links.”

Now, not just the one, but all 4 of the image links in InDesign were updated. Now, in the case of one customer, we’re kind of making this video for right now, and I’ve been asked this many times, they had 600 or something images missing and they kind of panicked. However, I relinked those automatically, and quickly within InDesign with this process and feature from Adobe.

Well, you see it’s quite easy, if they’re all in the same directory. InDesign will find them automatically, because the information is there in the file, and will relink them. It sees the file name and can automatically relink those images in InDesign CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 and even lower CS versions from Adobe. And it will see if it’s been modified, or if it’s a different version, so to speak.

So, now we hit OK, and you see all the images are relinked. Everything is now in place and ready for, well, arguably, printing or sending to the next party in the workflow, in any event, if we want to package this file up.

Relink Images in Adobe InDesign. This tip is for CS6, CS5, or CS5.5. This happens to be CS5, in this case, but it works the same in all the different versions of InDesign.

You see in the background our new product, PDF to InDesign PDF2DTP. Check that out today. That’s a new way to convert or edit PDF right in the source application, that being, in this case, InDesign. So, I can actually take a logo, or a complete document, and open it right up within Adobe InDesign. Really, really useful. Alright. This has been David Dilling from Markzware and this quick tip on how to relink images in InDesign.
End of Transcription

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How to Relink Images in Adobe InDesign and preflight InDesign CS6 with FlightCheck pre-press software! Preflight and package InDesign CS6, as well as several other DTP file types!

Title: How to Relink Images in InDesign and Preflight InDesign CS6
Published on: February 7, 2013
David Dilling

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