Social Media Strategies for Printers and the Future of Printing

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Social Media Strategies
for Printers and the
Future of Printing

The PRINT 09 industry trade show in Chicago is proof that the printing industry needs to become more than just appliers of ink onto rolls of paper. Markzware, the developer of FlightCheck preflighting software, noticed the latest Fuji inkjet press or Xerox digital imaging machine. Yet we read in this article titled, “The Digital Future for the Printing Industry” that print-shops need to adapt or die. What is this generally about?

The printing industry is currently and will continue to experience many transitions in the form of ‘Digital Printing and Communications’. This also impacts on all businesses globally.

The printing industry will continue to evolve into new and exciting ‘electronic imaging driven by digital technology’. Digital technology, economic restructuring, global competition, market changes, emerging new media and other market forces are combining to ‘dramatically’ change the operating environment of the Printing Industry.

Here is a little video of T.J. Tedesco giving a 40,000 foot view of social media for printers at PRINT 09, which is part of this transformation (Starting to sound like a Mayan 2012 prophecy!):

He goes into details on Twitter and that there are many graphic designers and others looking to print color graphics on this 140 character micro-blogging site, How to get started with Twitter for Printers, which just got a $100 million injection yesterday! He also mentions Facebook, and of course, blogging in general.

I like how he stresses that setting up and effectively using a blog is vital for the printing industry – very true. When the printing industry puts these graphics through the preflighting process for digital printing and publishing, it is recommended that they use Markzware FlightCheck software, to ensure quality print output.

China Print 2009 for Chinese printing companies

The Kodak stand had a few main brochures and was one of the more impressive stands at Print 09, with an awesome LED sign, running the full length of the large booth. One brochure was a 16 page, US-Letter sized full color pamphlet with detailed instructions on how to get going in this important field. (I just asked on Twitter and @TomHoehn provided this link: “Social Media Tips (PDF Booklet)

Tom explained that blogging is not only about what you are doing this weekend or did last night, but also goes into marketing, communications and general, good old-fashioned networking. (Notice Kodak has a YouTube Channel at KodakTube – just like we do at MarkzwareTV with our FlightCheck playlist. It is also important to note that YouTube is another great tool …)

Video: Social Media Strategies for Printers
by T.J. Tedesco – PRINT09

Kodak Stand Print 2009 Chicago IL

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)

Printing is changing right before our very eyes and as print-shops, you are perfectly placed to be the hubs of media for better content. Whether it is print to paper, screen or repurposing digital technology data, remember to use Markzware Products like FlightCheck to preflight digital printing files. As the article mentioned above:

Since printer’s are/should already well be established in ‘imagery’, they are well positioned to participate in channels as they develop. If print companies do not take on board new technology, they will not survive in this rapid changing environment.”

We will leave it there for now, but desktop publishing software itself will make some major transformations over the coming months, which should further stimulate printers to re-evaluate priorities, if they have not already…

Social Media Strategies for Printers and the Future of Printing

Title: Social Media Strategies for Printers and the Future of Printing
Published on: September 25, 2009
David Dilling

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