Social Networks via Markzware!

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Social Networks are growing by leaps and bounds. This makes sense, as it goes beyond old-fashioned networking (hand-shaking) – with a virtual wrapper on top of it! You can join, start, use, or share on discussions, groups, comment threads, videos, tutorials, and much more.

Markzware, the inventor of FlightCheck, the patented software for preflight, invites you to be a part of our social networks to enjoy socializing with your fellow professionals, including the graphic design, print and publishing groups in the Markzware social networks:

  • Start a discussion on preflighting with FlightCheck
  • Get questions answered
  • Share your experiences with Markzware products
  • Read testimonials from other users
  • Get InDesign tips and other suggestions
  • and more

Markzware Social Networks
Follow Markzware on Twitter.
Join the Markzware User Group on LinkedIn.
Like Markzware on Facebook.
Watch MarkzwareTV on YouTube.
Add Markzware on Google+ to your circle.

Come join Markzware social networks and start enjoying the benefits that these social networks offer. Interact with members of the graphic design, printing and publishing communities.

Preflighting is essential for graphic designers, printers and publishers, like the people in Markzware social networks. So, use FlightCheck to scan your prepress documents for print quality control before printing. FlightCheck is available online at the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Social Networks via Markzware!

Title: Social Networks via Markzware!
Published on: September 29, 2008
David Dilling

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