The future is short and now; print runs

The future is short and now; print runs

Gareth Ward, Editorial Director of The Print Business: The future is short-run printing"

“The future is short-run printing”
– Gareth Ward, The Print Business

Markzware is the developer of FlightCheck preflight technology to check documents for print quality before output. Markzware is very interested in the print business. So, we noticed when Gareth Ward, Editorial Director of The Print Business reported:

“The recession and the possibilities of developing technology are combining to drive print runs lower and lower. It is a trend that has been underway for many years. This is how sales of the Radio Times have fallen the last 30 years for example, but with marketing departments looking to save money and to buy effectively, it has taken on more urgency and gained a lethally sharp edge. No sector of the industry is immune. From direct mail to magazines and newspapers, print runs are tumbling. A new book today may have an initial print run of the like not seen since Gutenberg’s day.

We once had the honor, at drupa, to have Gareth stay with us on a Rhine river boat we hired. Basically, when Gareth speaks, the print industry generally listens and his editorial piece here seems to be spot on. So, make those print-runs count, and use FlightCheck preflight software to scan documents in several file formats for printing quality before printing.

Shorter print-runs do not have to mean less profit and could even offer more opportunity by offering better quality. (Nudge, nudge; preflight with FlightCheck from Markzware!) and perhaps more services. A print document is only as good as the print-runs that produce it, so be sure to use FlightCheck, the preflight solution to ensure optimum print-runs and avoid reprinting. To see more printing solutions, please visit the Markzware Products page.

The future is short and now; print runs

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