How to Open InDesign Files without Adobe InDesign: ID Util for macOS

How to Open InDesign Files without Adobe InDesign: ID Util for macOS

You can open InDesign documents, even when Adobe InDesign isn’t installed on one of your hard drives, by using the ID Util for macOS application by Markzware:

Need to view an InDesign file, but don’t have the InDesign program loaded for a specific computer on your system? A free application from Markzware can help you with that.

Markzware products for desktop publishing (DTP) offer added value that helps you to bring effective communications to your customers. ID Util for macOS application is one of Markzware’s Freebies and it can help you to preview InDesign INDD, IDML and InCopy files.

View Adobe InDesign documents, without having to install or launch the InDesign program on your machine. See how, in this video demonstration of ID Util for macOS:

How to Open InDesign Files without Adobe InDesign: ID Util for macOS

You can use ID Util for macOS by Markzware, to see Adobe InDesign CS5InDesign CC 2017 document content on your Mac computer, without needing to go through an InDesign application installation process.

Advantages of Using ID Util for macOS
Easily preview INDD, IDML, and INCL files with a simple click of the spacebar, using the free ID Util for macOS application.
• Preview a variety of Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy file versions (CS5 through CC 2015).
• Transfer previews as PNG, JPG and PDF files.
• Quickly see the InDesign version in which the file was created.

View Adobe InDesign documents, whether or not you have your InDesign layout app installed on a particular machine. If you do have InDesign installed on your computer, you can re-save your INDD documents with High-Resolution previews, via ID Util for macOS. You can also export those previews as PNG, JPG and PDF files.

How to Use ID Util to Open InDesign Files
After opening ID Util for macOS, you will be presented with the Welcome Window. To open a document, you can do one of the following:
• Drag & Drop a file to top section in the ID Util window (where it says “Drag and drop files to here”), or
• Use the “Open Files…” button in the area just below the Drag & Drop area, or
• Drag & Drop onto the Application icon in the Dock, or
• Use the File > Open menu item.

Using Markzware’s ID Util for macOS Application to
Open InDesign Files without Adobe InDesign:

ID Util for macOS PreviewID Util for macOS Features
• Preview Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy files (CS2 through CC 2015).
• Export Previews as PNG, JPG or PDF.
• Collect and Package InDesign files.
• View styled stories from InDesign files.
• View previews of linked images.
• View a list of used fonts.
• View the document version (what version of InDesign was used to create the document).
• Print the document previews.
• If you have InDesign installed you can resave the document with High Resolution previews of all pages.

With ID Util, Markzware continues its efforts to provide helpful InDesign solutions to the print, publishing, and graphic arts industries. Markzware brings further support to Adobe InDesign macOS users, by offering ID Util.

ID Util for macOS supports InDesign, IDML, and InCopy versions for Adobe:
• CC 2015
• CC 2014
• CC
• CS6
• CS5.5
• CS5
• CS4
• CS3
• CS2

Creative professionals can preview page layouts in INDD files, without requiring InDesign installation. With ID Util, you get to see InDesign previews, without spending the extra time and money.

Markzware ID Util logo 150x150Markzware has integrated significant features into ID Util for macOS. The latest ID Util version allows organizations to save resources.

Get ID Util for macOS for Free
You can access ID Util on the Mac App Store and download it for free. See more Adobe compatible solutions for the macOS platform on the Markzware Products page.

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How to Open InDesign Files without Adobe InDesign: ID Util for macOS

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