Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews

Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews

Prepress application, ID Util for macOS by Markzware. allows you to check InDesign versions and InDesign previews:

A common problem occurs when multiple Adobe InDesign versions are installed on the same macOS computer. Professional graphic designers and other pre-press operators will want to be sure they are working on the right document and be sure they save that document in the proper layout application version.

Markzware develops and provides state-of-the-art, award-winning DTP software that assists with printing, publishing and graphic design tasks. Markzware’s ID Util for macOS is a standalone application to view InDesign previews, styled story content, linked images, and used fonts. With ID Util, you can export previews and styled stories to JPEG, PNG and PDF, plus open InDesign files in the proper Adobe InDesign version.

If your computer has several InDesign program versions installed, the wrong version can launch, when you open an INDD document. You’ll want to double-check, to make sure you are using the right version for the document. See how ID Util for macOS can help pre-press professionals, as shown in this video:

Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews

Markzware’s ID Util for macOS application shows you a preview of your chosen INDD document and shows you the Adobe InDesign version number of the document.

How to Use Markzware’s ID Util for macOS prepress application to
Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews

• Install Markzware’s ID Util for macOS.
• Select the InDesign, IDML, or InCopy file in Finder.
• To preview the selected file, click the spacebar.
• Zoom Previews: See more detail, by zooming in. See multiple pages at once, by zooming out.
• The top section of the Welcome Window is the active Drag and Drop area. By dragging files into this area it will turn blue, if ID Util recognizes the file type. When you drop, a preview will be generated.
• Preview InDesign, IDML, and InCopy Files: View document previews from the Finder window, by pressing the spacebar. Select thumbnail previews in ID Util preferences, to be able to view thumbnail previews in any Finder window. This is a fast way to locate a certain file, if you forgot what the file was named.
• View Page Previews for InDesign, IDML, and InCopy files: InDesign saves the first two page previews at medium resolution, by default. You can save all page previews at high resolution for better preview support, by modifying your InDesign preferences. Adobe software does not need to be installed for this. Export previews as PDF, PNG, or JPG files. Distribute previews to clients or team members who might not have InDesign. View the page print size as well as the file version (e.g., InDesign CC 2014).
• View Stories: View and export story content from your InDesign document. The story content is shown in one window in TXT format (plain text).
• View Styled Stories: View and export styled stories (RTF format), which match the styles in the previewed INDD document. Export as TXT (plain text), RTF (styled text), and HTML (HyperText Markup Language).
• Batch Previews: Want to see previews of multiple files at a time? Just drag and drop two or more files onto ID Util’s drag and drop area each file’s preview will be shown in a separate window. Select multiple files for previewing, by clicking File > Open, then pressing Command-Click or Shift-Click. The file previews will open in individual windows. If the Welcome Window gets covered by the previews, press Command-Semicolon, to bring the Welcome Window to the front.
• Copy Previews: Click on a preview, to select it. This highlights the preview. Press Command-C to copy the selected preview to the Clipboard. Paste the copy of the preview into your preferred apps.
• Resave the current document with High Resolution previews for all pages, when viewing an InDesign document preview, by clicking the “Resave HD” button below the file version section in ID Util’s Preview Window. Text lines that look like blurred lines in InDesign usually show as legible text lines, after using ID Util’s Resave HD feature.
• See the version of the InDesign file: The InDesign file version is shown at the top right of the Preview Window.
• Open In InDesign CS5 or higher: After opening ID Util, you will be presented with the Welcome Window. To open a document, you can Drag & Drop a file into area “A” or use the “Open Files…” button in area “B”. You can also Drag & Drop onto the Application icon in the Dock or use the File>Open menu item.

Drag & Drop Files onto Markzware‘s ID Util
Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews:

Drag and Drop Files onto Markzware's ID Util Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions and InDesign Previews

Not knowing which INDD file is which can be frustrating for creatives and other professionals. When you preview InDesign files via ID Util, the file version is displayed after the document name in the Preview Window. This is an extremely useful feature for InDesign file handlers who are dealing with several versions of the same basic design.

ID Util’s Preview Window Lets You See:
• a preview of your selected file.
• InDesign or IDML file page size info.
• Zoom controls and preset zoom hot keys.
• file name.
• InDesign, IDML or InCopy file version.
• preview Export button.
• Print button.
• Resave HD option to view high-definition previews of InDesign files (if the appropriate InDesign version is active on your computer).

“There’s one other preview option tucked away inside ID Util’s Preferences—the ability to enable Finder Thumbnail Previews. In other words, this enables a preview of the InDesign document in the Mac Finder when viewing files in Icon, Column, or Cover Flow view, rather than the generic InDesign document icon. Even better, this option enables a Finder Quick Look view (initiated by selecting a file in the Finder and pressing the spacebar) for a large document preview.”
– Jamie McKee (, book designer & typesetter, U.S. university presses
Source: InDesign Magazine Issue 90, InReview: ID Util

Advantages of Using ID Util for macOS:
• is easy to use.
• helps you to preview a variety of Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy file versions.
• requires no Adobe software installation.
• is a free download.
• gives you the option to transfer previews.
• displays the InDesign version in which the file was created.

Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews in the Preview Window of
Prepress Application, ID Util for macOS by Markzware:

MCheck InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews in the Preview Window of Prepress Application, ID Util for macOS by Markzware

ID Util offers several features, including:
• Preview Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy files (CS2 through CC 2018).
• Export Previews as PNG, JPG or PDF.
• View styled stories from InDesign files.
• View previews of linked images.
• View a list of used fonts.
• View the document version (what version of InDesign was used to create the document).
• Print the document previews.
• Resave the document with High Resolution previews of all pages, if InDesign is installed.

Don’t make the mistake of converting a CS5 document to a CC 2018 document, when the customer wanted a different InDesign version! ID Util allows you to preview CS2 through CC 2018 versions of Adobe InDesign, IDML, and InCopy files.

View InDesign Previews Page By Page, with Markzware‘s ID Util
Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions:

View InDesign Previews Page By Page, with Markzware's ID Util Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions

Adobe InDesign, IDML, and InCopy versions that
Markzware’s ID Util for macOS supports

• CC 2018
• CC 2017
• CC 2015
• CC 2014
• CC
• CS6
• CS5.5
• CS5
• CS4
• CS3
• CS2

Markzware‘s ID Util lets you preview Adobe InDesign, IDML, and InCopy files in CS2 through CC 2018 versions. If some InDesign CC file workflow members have CS6 installed, but not CC, ID Util will notify these users that they don’t have an InDesign version that can open the file.

Markzware ID Util logo 150x150
Quickly check on InDesign layout content, the document version, and transfer styled stories from within those documents. Once users see the document version in ID Util’s Preview Window, they’ll be able to take action on the correct file.

Download ID Util for macOS
You can download ID Util on the Mac App Store for free. See more solutions for Adobe, macOS, and more, on the Markzware Products page.

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Prepress Application to Check InDesign Versions & InDesign Previews

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