Convert InDesign File to QXP with QuarkXPress XTension, ID2Q

How to convert InDesign file to QXP, by using QuarkXPress XTension, ID2Q, to convert InDesign:

Creative professionals, printers, and publishers in graphic arts can import InDesign files from Adobe Creative Suite layout applications and open InDesign files in QXP.Convert InDesign from graphic design elements in Adobe Creative Suite to QuarkXPress with QuarkXPress XTension, ID2Q, expertly-developed conversion software by Markzware.

View this video on how easy it is to open InDesign legacy files within QXP for graphic arts workflows that use graphic software:

How to Convert InDesign File to QXP with QuarkXPress XTension

Data conversion with ID2Q can convert InDesign to QuarkXPress, with fonts, colors, and images

ID2Q is quick data conversion software that can potentially save creative professionals a lot of time, and therefore, money. One of Markzware’s helpful conversion tools, it can convert fonts, images, colors, and several other graphic design items from QXP, documents created with graphic software layout applications. Here’s how:

1. In the QuarkXPress Menu Bar, click “Markzware” and select “Convert InDesign Document…” from the Markzware ID2Q fly-out menu.
2. Select the InDesign file to convert and click Open. (You’ll see a conversion progress bar and the rebuilt file.)
3. Save, close and reopen the new QuarkXPress (QXP) file.
4. Remap any missing fonts or images via QuarkXPress.
5. Re-save the new QXP document.


Convert InDesign File with Text in Non-Closed ContainersMarkzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Text in Non-Closed ContainersWhen creating text containers using Pen or Pencil tools in INDD,
close the path using the Object/Paths/Close Path menu item

The QuarkXPress XTension for creative professionals, publishers and printers to import InDesign into QXP is available online from Markzware via the ID2Q page. This and other conversion tools can be purchased on the Markzware Products page. Open InDesign in QXP for graphic design today.

Convert InDesign file (INDD) with QuarkXPress XTension, ID2Q, for data conversion to QXP:
Convert InDesign with the
Quark XTension that can import InDesign files and open InDesign in QXP!

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