How to Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress macOS via ID2Q XTension

How to convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress macOS, using Markzware’s ID2Q XTension for QuarkXPress 9 through QuarkXPress 2017 Mac:

Would your QuarkXPress workflow benefit from a solution to get Adobe InDesign content into a QXP file for graphic design or publishing? A Quark XTension from Markzware can extend QuarkXPress on your macOS device, so that you can import InDesign files into QuarkXPress.

Markzware offers software solutions for print, publishing and graphic arts workflows. Markzware’s ID2Q is file conversion software that can convert Adobe InDesign files, including InDesign CC 2018 files, into QuarkXPress.

Use InDesign to QuarkXPress file conversion to open InDesign content within the QXP file format. Learn the simple steps, by watching this video demonstration of Markzware’s ID2Q:

How to Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress macOS via ID2Q XTension

Add Adobe InDesign (CS through CC 2018) graphic design content to your QuarkXPress (9 through 2017) publishing workflow. Just use Markzware’s ID2Q XTensions for InDesign to QuarkXPress file conversion and be able to share InDesign content via QuarkXPress features.

How to Convert InDesign to QuarkXPress with Markzware ID2Q:
1. Click “Markzware” in the QuarkXPress Menu Bar and select “Convert InDesign Document…” from the ID2Q fly-out menu.
2. Select the InDesign file to convert and click Open. (A conversion progress bar appears. The InDesign file appears rebuilt in QuarkXPress.)
3. Save, close and reopen the new QuarkXPress file.
4. Remap any missing fonts or images via QuarkXPress.
5. Re-save the new QuarkXPress (QXP) document.

Save money and effort on your QuarkXPress projects! If your workflow requires professional InDesign to QuarkXPress data conversion, Markzware has the document conversion solution that you need.

ID2Q saved us tons of time in having to recreate documents from scratch.
– Michael Chan, ID2Q user

ID2Q for QuarkXPress 2017 offers many benefits:
• is simple to install and use for document conversion.
• is time saving, as it converts intricate details of an InDesign file, in an instant. This allows workflow members to increase productivity, since the file conversion process takes less time than a manual conversion.
• provides seamless file conversion with easy access to INDD content within a new QXP document on the macOS platform, preserving intellectual property investment.

Markzware ID2Q XTension Menu to Convert
InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress on macOS:

Markzware ID2Q XTension Menu to Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress on macOS

ID2Q’s Main Features
1. Convert InDesign Document…: Convert multiple files or a single file.
2. Options…Conversion Options:
• Text Attributes
Use Styles: Convert all text and paragraph attributes for all stories in the document.
Skip Para Style: Use Character Styles, but disable Paragraph styles.
Skip Text Styles: Use Styles, but disable Text of Character Styles.
Plain Text: Convert all text, ignore InDesign text and paragraph attributes, and use QuarkXPress default attributes.
Empty Box: Convert all text boxes by discarding all text stories, forming a “template” document.
• Picture Previews
Use Picture: Convert all image previews in the document.
Gray Preview: Convert all picture boxes using a simple solid gray preview “place holder” for each image. The image links are retained and can be updated.
Empty Box: Convert all picture boxes by discarding picture previews and their links, forming a “template” document.
• Post Conversion Options
Overflowed Text Boxes: Resize a text box, to eliminate text overflow.
Skip Leading Compression: Apply a uniform scaling factor to all leading in a story.
Linked Text Boxes: Unclog a series of linked text containers.
Items with Run Around Specified: Adjusts the QXP file (creates a topmost Layer and moves items with Run Around set to this new layer).
Auto Adjust Tables: Apply auto adjust to all the tables in the document.
• Troubleshooting
See Live Updates: See the document on screen as ID2Q builds it.
• don’t show: Use the last selected Conversion Options set, to convert an InDesign file.
3. Help…

Markzware offers you solutions that help save time on the file conversion process for InDesign document handlers. ID2Q is a big timesaver for QuarkXPress users who receive large INDD documents.

File Converted, via Markzware’s ID2Q XTension to
Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress on macOS:

File Converted, via Markzware's ID2Q XTension to Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress on macOS

ID2Q converts InDesign CS-CC 2018 files to:
• QuarkXPress 2017 Mac
• QuarkXPress 2016 Mac
• QuarkXPress 2015 Mac
• QuarkXPress 10 Mac
• QuarkXPress 9 Mac

Let Markzware‘s conversion solutions remove the need for manual conversion of your InDesign files. The ID2Q bundle of XTensions gives you powerful conversion tools to convert InDesign files for QuarkXPress document production.

ID2Q can convert InDesign layout details to QuarkXPress, including:
• blends
• colors
• images
• layers
• linked text boxes
• page positioning
• runarounds
• tables
• text attributes

Markzware ID2Q logo
QuarkXPress users can add value to their document production efforts, by using XTensions that support INDD document conversion. Markzware ID2Q can benefit any size QuarkXPress-based workflow that has access to Adobe InDesign documents.

More Information
For more information on Markzware’s InDesign to QuarkXPress XTension, please visit the ID2Q page. You can see more data conversion solutions, on the Markzware Products page.

You can subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and visit with Markzware on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.

How to Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress macOS via ID2Q XTension

Title: How to Convert InDesign CC 2018 to QuarkXPress macOS via ID2Q XTension
Published on: January 10, 2018
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