InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension, Markzware ID2Q

InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension,
Markzware ID2Q

InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension, Markzware ID2Q, can convert Adobe INDD Creative Cloud files to QXP 2015:

Can InDesign to QuarkXPress data conversion help your print, publishing, or graphic design workflow? Should you require InDesign to QuarkXPress conversion, Markzware has the document conversion software that you need!

Markzware offers first-rate file conversion tools for converting one format to another, with precision. Markzware’s ID2Q is a Quark XTension that can convert InDesign CC (INDD Creative Cloud) to QuarkXPress (QXP) 2015.

Linear Gradients File Conversion with
InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension,
Markzware ID2Q:

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress Linear Gradients

ID2Q for QuarkXPress 2015 Benefits:

  • will convert Adobe InDesign documents into QuarkXPress projects, with accuracy.
  • brings over fonts and other elements used in the original INDD document to the QXP document.
  • moves basic document objects from one DTP application (Adobe InDesign) to another (QuarkXPress).

Data conversion can help QuarkXPress 2015 users to access data from InDesign CC books, catalogs, directories, etc. Using ID2Q will enable you to import InDesign files, while preserving text, images and other document details.

How to Convert InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015, with Markzware ID2Q:

• Install ID2Q. Click the “Markzware” menu item in QuarkXPress, to see the ID2Q menu.
• Hover over “ID2Q” in the ID2Q menu and click “Convert InDesign® Document…“.
• Select the InDesign CC file (INDD document) you wish to convert and click “Open”.
• Click “OK” in the Conversion Options window.
• Edit and save the new QuarkXPress (QXP) 2015 document.

Markzware‘s ID2Q maintains a high level of precision, while converting data. This can be very useful for organizations that want to publish their InDesign articles, graphics, tables, and other content, via QuarkXPress publishing features.

With ID2Q, you can open an Adobe INDD Creative Cloud file within a QXP 2015 document. Learn how, as this video demonstrates:

InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension,
Markzware ID2Q

ID2Q Convert InDesign to Quark XPress

(Click the above image, to watch the video.)
Markzware’s ID2Q can help you to transfer InDesign CC content to
QuarkXPress 2015, including images, fonts, colors, and more.

Whether your workflow uses InDesign CC or QuarkXPress 2015, Markzware products can make file conversion easier and more productive. ID2Q converts InDesign files into a new QuarkXPress document, with accuracy.

Some Features in ID2Q

  • simple installation and an easy-to-use interface
  • conversion of files created in Adobe InDesign CS-CC 2015
  • swift return on investment

With straight-forward operation that makes data conversion easy, QuarkXPress 2015 users can access their InDesign CC content, in just a short time. Using ID2Q, you can convert INDD files to a QXP document, allowing you to publish content as eBooks and other documents that can appear on tablets and other devices.

What ID2Q Converts from InDesign to QuarkXPress

You can save images and more from InDesign in a new QuarkXPress document. Items that ID2Q can convert from InDesign include:

  • blends
  • images
  • layers
  • linked text boxes
  • page positioning
  • colors
  • runarounds
  • tables
  • text attributes


DTP workflows rely on accurate file conversion, so conversion software can be a valuable tool for successful publishing projects. ID2Q converts text, pictures, and more from InDesign to QuarkXPress, to assist your organization’s document production.

For more information on Markzware‘s InDesign to QuarkXPress software and more data conversion tools, please see the Markzware Products page. Did this QuarkXPress 2015 XTension help your DTP workflow to convert InDesign CC? Contact us and feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and share with Markzware on
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InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension, Markzware ID2Q

Title: InDesign CC to QuarkXPress 2015 XTension, Markzware ID2Q
Published on: November 24, 2015
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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