Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Installation on Macintosh

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Installation on Macintosh

How to Install Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 on the Macintosh Platform
The following guide describes installation of the latest version of Markzware‘s ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10. Installation of ID2Q for QuarkXPress 9 or 8 is the same as for QuarkXPress 10, but the Installer is named for the version of QuarkXPress you are installing. Where you install ID2Q must reflect the location of the QuarkXPress version under which you’ll be using ID2Q.

Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac ZIP FileWhen you finish downloading ID2Q for QuarkXPress, you will have a zip file that needs to be decompressed.

ID2Q Decompressed ZIP File
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Decompressed ZIP FileOn most Macs, double-click on the ID2Q for QuarkXPress ZIP file and an ID2Q folder will appear.
Double-click on this folder to see the ID2Q Installer.

ID2Q Installer
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac InstallerDouble-click on the Setup icon to begin ID2Q installation.

Application Downloaded From Internet
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Application Downloaded from InternetOn many Macs, security settings may warn you if you’re trying to run an application downloaded from the internet. You can change these settings on your Mac under the Preferences/Security area. (It is safest to leave this warning on as a prevention against malicious apps you may accidentally download while online.)

Click on the Open button to open up the Setup QuarkXPress 10 Installer application. Most likely due to the above warning, you will see the Setup QuarkXPress icon bouncing in your Dock. If nothing is happening, please check your Dock and if the Setup icon is bouncing, click on it to continue with the installation process.

ID2Q Setup Window
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Setup WindowThe Setup QuarkXPress 10 application has three buttons:
1. Cancel – Clicking Cancel will Close the Setup QuarkXPress application and ID2Q will not be installed.
2. Install – Clicking Install will proceed with the ID2Q installation.
3. Remove – Clicking Remove will proceed with removal of existing installations of ID2Q For QuarkXPress.

ID2Q Select QuarkXPress Folder
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Select QuarkXPress FolderAfter clicking the Install button, you may be asked to locate your QuarkXPress 10 Application folder. If the QuarkXPress 10 folder the installer found is correct, click on the folder path and name shown in the screen cap above. If you want to install into another QuarkXPress 10 folder, click on the Pick Another… entry. Clicking on either entry will cause the OK button to light up. If you click on the Pick Another… entry, you will be presented with a new Choose a Folder window where you can select the version of QuarkXPress 10 you wish to install ID2Q in.

ID2Q Asking For Password
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Asking for PasswordInstalling ID2Q requires you enter your Password, as ID2Q will be adding items to your Applications folder. Type in your User Name and Password and then click on the OK button.

ID2Q Installation Complete
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Installation CompleteOnce the ID2Q XTension has been installed you will see a confirmation screen.
Click on the OK button to close the screen.
You are now ready to start up QuarkXPress 10.
Then, you can activate and register ID2Q, the Quark XTension for InDesign to QuarkXPress (INDD to QXPdata conversion.

For more information on this data conversion software to convert InDesign for graphic arts, please visit the ID2Q page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) solutions and conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.

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