Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Post Conversion Options

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Post Conversion Options in the Quark XTension to convert InDesign to QuarkXPress:

ID2Q Post Conversion Options

Post Conversion Options appear in the Conversion Options window of Markzware‘s ID2Q, conversion software to import InDesign (INDD) files into QuarkXPress (QXP):

ID2Q Post Conversion Fix Options
Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Post Conversion Fix Options
The “Overflowed Text Boxes” option resizes a text box in order to eliminate text overflow. If you see overflow
markers in your converted file and want ID2Q to try and fix these, then select this checkbox. (An overflow marker is a small red rectangle at the bottom right corner of a text container). NOTE** – When this option is selected, text containers may grow very large.

The “Skip Leading Compression” option can only be used if Overflowed Text Boxes is active. When checked,
this feature will apply a uniform scaling factor to all leading used within a story. This can allow text that would
normally overflow a text container to become visible without you having to manually adjust the text container size.

The “Linked Text Boxes” option attempts to “unclog” a series of linked text containers. If you have a series of
linked text containers that appear empty after data conversion, try selecting this option to have ID2Q attempt to allow text in linked boxes to flow through all chained boxes. Many times, the item that prevents the text from flowing after conversion is an anchored item, such as a table or picture. This anchored item pushes the text,
so that it overflows out of the chain and thus becomes non-visible.

The “Items with Run Around Specified” option adjusts the QXP file by creating a new topmost Layer
named “Id2qRunAroundLayer” and then moving items with Run Around set to this new layer. QXP and InDesign handle Run Around (i.e., Text Wrap in InDesign) differently and this function allows ID2Q to attempt to mimic the look of the original InDesign file. NOTE** – If you enable this action, items in your converted QXP file will not be on the same layers they were on in the original InDesign file.

The “Auto Adjust Tables” uses QXP’s Table XTension to apply Auto Adjust to all the tables in the document.
This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the how the original table was constructed in InDesign.

For more information on Markzware’s XTension to convert InDesign to QuarkXPress, please visit the ID2Q page. For more desktop publishing (DTP) solutions and conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress 10 Post Conversion Options

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