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Editor at MaUsE DoubleClick gives an ID2Q testimonial on Markzware‘s Quark XTension to convert InDesign to Quark. This XTension is data conversion software that can open InDesign within a QXP document:

MaUsE DoubleClick
Michael Shaw, editor, MaUsE DoubleClick

“Recently I received a request to update two big layouts that had been created with Adobe InDesign CS that had to be made usable by a young designer who is still using QuarkXPress 6.5. The designer asked me to help out if I could so this is what I did: I accepted his InDesign CS layouts and opened them on my computer and converted them into QuarkXPress 7 layouts by using Markzware InDesign to Quark (ID2Q7).

The conversion was complete and effective, resulting in new QXP7 layouts that were a near-perfect match to the original InDesign layouts. Then I down-saved the layouts as QuarkXPress 6 documents and passed them back to the designer. They opened beautifully for him in Quark 6.5. The whole process from beginning to end took less than fifteen minutes and the results were wonderfully usable.

Thanks Markzware !!”

MaUsE DoubleClick

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