Open InDesign in Quark and Fix Corrupt InDesign Files with ID2Q

Open InDesign in Quark and Fix Corrupt InDesign Files with ID2Q

Open InDesign to fix corrupt InDesign files within QuarkXPress, using ID2Q. This Quark XTension by Markzware can convert Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress files. Here is a video that shows how easy it is to convert InDesign to Quark with ID2Q by Markzware, which can be used to fix InDesign files:

Hi, I have something interesting here that you might want to see. I’ve got this InDesign document that is corrupted and there is a whole lot of information in there that could not be reached. Let me open it for you so that you can see what happens. I open it in InDesign. InDesign tries it, but crashes the file. I have to cancel this, and my InDesign was totally crashed. I’m not able to open it.
So, I cancel this, and what I try is – well, I know I have a super conversion tool called ID2Q, InDesign to Quark which is a great Quark XTension. So, I can now just go to the file, it’s here, and open it in InDesign and convert it to a Quark document. And, the good thing is – even though I’m not able to open it in InDesign, I am now able to convert it to Quark and it seems to work. So this is a wonderful feature of the ID2Q Quark XTension from Markzware. It converts the whole file and you can see it as a Quark file now. All the data is right there on my screen.

If I go to my page layout and scroll down a bit, you can see that all the elements are there, all the text is there, everything from the job is just converted to a Quark file. This is absolutely great – what is even better is that Markzware has a Q2ID plug-in which converts a Quark file into InDesign. I’m going to save this file as a Quark document which is now a good file that I can open over and over again. I close this one and go back to open it in InDesign which just crashed. I open this up with the Q2ID plug-in installed I can now open a file and I find the Quark file now. I open the Quark job and it converts back to an InDesign file.
Markzware ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXPress 9 or 10) Mac Select InDesign Document to Convert
The Quark file that restored all my information is converted back to InDesign. So, in the end I have a complete InDesign project again that won’t crash my InDesign. This is a great feature that those conversion tools offer. Let me close this and I’ll show you now that I can scroll through all my pages and find all my information within InDesign again. It sort of repaired my document.

Of course, I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am not exactly sure what was wrong with the InDesign file, but this is absolutely great: I can now save this file, put it on my desktop and everything is done. I hope this was useful and hope to see you next time. This is the file by the way, so there you go. Hope to see you next time!

In the meantime, use Markzware ID2Q to fix corrupt InDesign files and keep on schedule with your print workflow.

InDesign QuarkXPress conversion software, ID2Q, is available online from Markzware via the ID2Q page. Check out how to convert InDesign to Quark today!

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