Publish InDesign Files to iPad with ID2Q InDesign to Quark

To publish InDesign files to iPad, convert InDesign to Quark with Markzware’s ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXPress) conversion software. After data conversion, upload the converted files for iPad:

Markzware is the developer of ID2Q, the Quark XTension that can convert files from InDesign to Quark. Since Markzware develops this InDesign to Quark converter, we noticed when Quark Communications mentioned that many graphic designers have InDesign layouts that they want to publish to the iPad. ID2Q can convert those InDesign layouts to QuarkXPress 9 files.

How to Publish InDesign Layouts to the iPad

ID2Q can convert InDesign CS2 through CS5.5 files to QuarkXPress 9. These QuarkXPress files can be published to the iPad via App Studio.

Publish InDesign to iPad

Get QuarkXPress 9.1.

Install the free Issue Previewer on your iPad.

  • Download the free Issue Previewer or
  • search for Quark App Studio Issue Previewer with your browser or
  • search the iTunes Store

Apply for an Apple Developer ID.

Fill out iTunes Connect information.

Install XCode for Lion.

  • For Snow Leopard, wait for Developer Account approval.

Configure your Apple Developer Account under iOS Provisioning Portal then download and install Provisioning Profiles as described in the App Studio documentation.

Set up your app in iTunes Connect.

Create an account on the Quark AVE Publishing Portal.

Set up your app and Issues in the Quark AVE Publishing Portal and download your app certificate.

On a Mac, create your app, choose a template and customize attributes in App Studio Factory (in the “App Studio” folder in your QuarkXPress application folder).

  • If you have already created your layout in InDesign, you can convert it to QuarkXPress 9:

Convert InDesign to Quark, so You Can Publish InDesign Files to iPad

Open InDesign in QuarkXPress v9.1 and more with ID2Q v6 from Markzware

Export your app on a Mac and test your app in the iOS Simulator or on an iPad.

Purchase App and Issue Licenses.

Identify your hosting server (free, rented or your own) and upload your AVE (.zave) file to this location.

Configure your issue in the App Studio Publishing Portal by specifying the URL of your AVE (.zave) file.

Test your app and issue to confirm everything is working.

Export the app from App Studio Factory and submit it via iTunes Connect for approval, which typically takes less than two weeks.

Convert InDesign to Quark, Using ID2Q.
Publish InDesign Files by Uploading the Converted Files to iPad.
Markzware ID2Q Menu Full

How do you convert InDesign layouts into iPad applications? Use QuarkXPress 9, App Studio, and conversion softwareID2Q. See more data conversion software on the Markzware Products page.

Publish InDesign Files to iPad with ID2Q InDesign to Quark

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