InDesign to Affinity Publisher macOS, without InDesign App: IDMarkz

The latest version of Affinity Publisher lets you import IDML files. If you have an InDesign .indd file, but are not a Creative Cloud subscriber and/or don’t have the Adobe InDesign application, you can still open InDesign in Affinity Publisher on macOS. The following video shows you how to import files created in InDesign CC versions and earlier InDesign versions, into Publisher, via the IDMarkz app by Markzware:

InDesign to Affinity Publisher (video)

David Dilling explains how to convert Adobe InDesign files to Serif’s Affinity Publisher
desktop publishing application, using Markzware‘s versatile IDMarkz app.

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Affinity Publisher is out with version [1.8], which will allow you to import IDML files, but what if you only have native InDesign files? You have ditched InDesign, you don’t want to have to pay a subscription anymore, and you want to use your InDesign content in Affinity Publisher? Well, it’s easy!

You just go on over into IDMarkz. You take any InDesign file you might have. You drop it on IDMarkz. You’ll get a nice little overview, a little preview of the file. And I just clicked a little Publisher icon, here, that “Open in…” feature, as we call it. We open in a host of other applications, as well.

And boom! You get your InDesign file, your native InDesign file, an INDD file, automatically imported into Affinity Publisher, through the new IDML Import feature in Publisher. So, it’s that easy, to go in. You can actually make edits, changes, change the text, whatever you want to do.

So, it’s real simple just drag and drop your InDesign file on there. It prepares and creates a high-resolution, full preview of the file. So, if you have a multi-page file, like this sales guide of ours, right here, which, by the way, if you want, just email us on, we’ll get you a copy of this, for Sales for And you can, then, actually just go ahead. And it’s really cool, because you can zoom in and get really high-resolution previews of your file.

IDMarkz Document View [Light Theme]
IDMarkz Document View [Light Theme]

You say, “Okay. I want to open that in Publisher.” Boom! And there we go. We now have this file open right up in Affinity Publisher, for you to go in and work on, and change text, or whatever it might be you need to do. So, cruise on over to, today!

Download the IDMarkz. It’s free, for just the preview part. And, for a small fee, you can, then, actually, for a very reasonable fee, you can then automatically convert your InDesign files, right into Affinity Publisher, via IDML. Thank you. David Dilling for Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!
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Markzware develops software to assist creative professionals, printers, publishers, and the like, in processing their Adobe InDesign and other page layout application files. Markzware’s IDMarkz helps users to preview and open InDesign files in many file formats, plus enjoy other features.

How to Open an InDesign File in Affinity Publisher

• Drag and drop your InDesign document on the “Let’s Get Started” window in IDMarkz.
• With Affinity Publisher loaded, click on the “Publisher” icon at the top of the IDMarkz window.
• Click the “Open” button in the “PDF Options” window opened by Publisher, which will assign a profile. The editable InDesign file will open in Publisher.

The Publisher icon is in the center of the IDMarkz “Open in…” feature,
among other file destinations.

With IDMarkz:
“… you can decide to export to where you want the [InDesign] file and you can either export, with the backward compatibility to an older version of InDesign, which could be useful for lot of publishers with legacy data …”
– Paul Lindström, Technical Editor, Journalist & Consultant, Digital Dots

Benefits of IDMarkz

• process InDesign files very quickly
• save money on an extremely versatile InDesign file app
• have easy-to-use macOS software, without CC subscriptions

IDMarkz displays a information on your InDesign file, along with a preview of the file. After you open the file in Publisher, via the IDMarkz “Open in…” feature, you can modify the editable file, within Affinity Publisher!

Features of IDMarkz

• See the file version, creation & modification dates, and the number of:
– pages or spreads
– fonts used
– colors used
– images used
– Stories
• Zoom previews
• Drag a thumbnail out of preview or thumbnail areas, to create an image of the page
• Automate features that support InDesign, Acrobat, and other apps
• Export an InDesign file as an image in PNG, TIFF, JPEG and GIF formats
• Export an InDesign file as an annotatable PDF with editable text

IDMarkz Document View [Dark Theme]
IDMarkz Document View [Dark Theme]

Open InDesign files, from your system’s current and archived folders, in Affinity Publisher by Serif. Edit fonts, colors, images, headers, paragraph text, etc., within the responsive Publisher interface, which integrates seamlessly with the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo apps.

Convert InDesign CS2 through InDesign 2020 to:

• earlier InDesign versions
• QuarkXPress
• Affinity Publisher
• Acrobat
• Illustrator

IDMarkz is very easy to use and provides high-resolution, multiple-page, zoomable file previews. It is also extremely affordable, yet you get access to so many useful capabilities!

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How to Buy the App that Opens InDesign in Publisher

Markzware’s low-cost IDMarkz Mac Subscription includes updates throughout your 12-month subscription term and is available, via the IDMarkz page. Additional Markzware products are available, via the Products page.

Please feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List and to post with Markzware on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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InDesign to Affinity Publisher macOS, without InDesign App: IDMarkz

Title: InDesign to Affinity Publisher macOS, without InDesign App: IDMarkz
Published on: March 3, 2020
David Dilling

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