Recycle InDesign Documents: Re-Use Adobe InDesign (INDD) File Content

Recycle InDesign documents, to re-use Adobe InDesign (INDD) file content. Access your InDesign CS6 and CC layouts (plus more) in other apps and file formats. Find out more, by viewing this article and video about the IDMarkz app from Markzware:

Did you create a project in InDesign CC, but the person you want to share it with uses InDesign CS6? Markzware’s IDMarkz for macOS converts Adobe InDesign CC and InDesign 2020 files into editable documents that can be opened by earlier InDesign versions.

Markzware develops innovative software for printing, publishing, and graphic arts workflows. Markzware’s IDMarkz is a high-quality application with multiple features, to process Adobe InDesign files for use in countless file formats on the macOS system. Watch this video, for more info:

Video: InDesign Preview, Export and Conversion with IDMarkz – NEW

Convert InDesign documents to other formats and see what you can do with your layout content! Markzware‘s IDMarkz app
previews InDesign files and opens them in previous InDesign versions, QuarkXPress, Publisher, Acrobat, Illustrator, and
other beneficial apps. IDMarkz also converts InDesign files to PNG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, PDF, IDML, and JPEG image files,
so you can get the layout from an .indd file into many different formats.

You can be an InDesign 2020 user and be able to collaborate on projects with InDesign CS6 users. With IDMarkz, you can convert an InDesign 2020 or newer version InDesign file, on the macOS platform, into InDesign CS6. Then, InDesign CS6 users can open, view, and edit the content that was in the InDesign 2020 file.

Open InDesign in older InDesign versions or in QuarkXPress, Publisher, Acrobat PDF, or Illustrator, via Markzware‘s IDMarkz application

Open InDesign in Acrobat, Illustrator, or an earlier InDesign version

• Drag & drop your files onto the IDMarkz window, in the “Drag and drop files here” section.
• Click on the icon for the desired file format, in the top of the IDMarkz window.

Open InDesign in Affinity Publisher

• Drag & drop your files onto Markzware‘s IDMarkz window, in the “Drag and drop files here” section.
• With Affinity Publisher loaded, click on the “Publisher” icon, in the top of the IDMarkz window.
• Click the “Open” button in the “PDF Options” window opened by Publisher, which will assign a profile.

QuarkXPress by Quark

Open InDesign in QuarkXPress

To convert InDesign (as IDML) and open in QuarkXPress 2018 or higher:
• Drag & drop your files onto the IDMarkz window, in the “Drag and drop files here” section.
• Click on the “Quark” icon in the top of the IDMarkz window.
• Click the “OK” button in the “IDML Import” dialog, which QuarkXPress opens. QuarkXPress will convert the IDML file to QuarkXPress, and the editable file opens in QuarkXPress.

Make it easier to share Adobe InDesign documents, by using the IDMarkz app by Markzware. And, as always remember to back up your document.

Markzware IDMarkz logo square

Some Benefits of Using IDMarkz

• quickly processes InDesign files on a Mac
• offers ease-of-use in a versatile, multi-purpose app
• saves money on Creative Cloud subscriptions

“Listen, I had a student, in class, this past week, who’s still using CS4 and they’re a government client. … And I can only imagine they run into this, day in and day out. So, I definitely will [let them know about IDMarkz].”
– Chad Chelius, Adobe Certified Instructor/trainer/consultant/speaker/book author/LinkedIn Learning Author…

Automation Options in the IDMarkz macOS app by Markzware.

IDMarkz Features that Can Help You to Repurpose Your InDesign Files

• Open InDesign files in earlier InDesign versions or in QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, Acrobat, Illustrator, …
• Open InDesign files in Acrobat, using IDMarkz, and Annotate the PDF
• Preview InDesign files & export .indd files as IDML, PDF, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, or GIF

IDMarkz Logo

To Buy IDMarkz

Make the most of your Adobe InDesign documents, today, by putting those layouts and stories into other formats, for additional uses! Buy Markzware’s low-cost IDMarkz Mac Subscription (including updates throughout your 12-month subscription term), available through the IDMarkz page.

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Additional Markzware products are available via the Products page. Please feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, to get the latest Markzware product news, discounts, and more.

Do you have archives with volumes of INDD files? Get IDMarkz, so that you can open InDesign in other layout applications and file formats! Then, let us know about your successes, by sharing with Markzware on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and other websites.

Recycle InDesign Documents: Re-Use Adobe InDesign (INDD) File Content

Title: Recycle InDesign Documents: Re-Use Adobe InDesign (INDD) File Content
Published on: June 17, 2020
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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