Damaged InDesign File Saved by Markzware InDesign Recovery

Recover damaged InDesign with the Markzware InDesign Recovery Service:

Damaged InDesign, or corrupt InDesign, happened as soon as the power went out. Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been working hard on a big PRINTING PROJECT. You’re making the deadline, getting it all completed for your client, and boom! The electricity goes out. Oh no! It has caused the loss of your Adobe InDesign file, and now you need fast InDesign recovery. Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service can help with file recovery of Adobe InDesign files (INDD) documents.

Mike Bedgood had Damaged InDesign File Saved by Markzware InDesign Recovery

Markzware InDesign file recovery saved me 72 hours of work
– Mike Bedgood, chief creative officer/partner, Innovative Digital, LLC

“I spent two weeks working on an Adobe InDesign document,” said Mike Bedgood. He is chief creative officer/partner of Innovative Digital, LLC. “I have been working on a catalog for the past few weeks, and the client asked me to send the file.  The clients were going to finish it so I could move on to the next catalog and start the heavy lifting. The catalog was to go to press… and there was some internal approvals and pre-pressing that still needed [work].

The document was 118 pages, so I was going to separate the file into sections and save it down to InDesign 4. I left the house with the file opened on my home computer.  The power went off during the day (Wednesday, March 23), so when I got home I tried to open the file.  The InDesign recovery kicked in and halfway through, ID closed.  So I opened it again, ID asked about the recovery of my file, I clicked Yes, ID closed. Now, I am worried.”

Discovering Damaged InDesign
Bedgood, whose day job is working for a large format digital printer, has limited time. So, discovering a damaged InDesign file creates a bit of stress, as well as the need to recover InDesign.  “I have a day job at a large format digital printer, and we have CS5. I transferred the file to work and tried to open it on a different work station and received the same results.  My next plan was to go on the Adobe forum to look around… some people mention a high success rate of recovery for corrupt or damaged InDesign files by using a third party plug-in. I recognized the company name, Markzware, through a magazine ad along the way.

Immediately, I get on the Markzware website and start checking prices. I don’t have an updated copy of Quark, but I have somehow acquired a copy of Quark 5.0; I don’t know how I got it, but it’s in my file cabinet.  So, I look on the Quark web site and that is when I run into the Markzware’s InDesign file recovery service … I can post my file anywhere and send them a link, so they can run it through the plugins to salvage it.  I figured, ‘Why not give it a try? Because if I am not satisfied, I don’t pay.’  It was worth the risk to recover InDesign.

I bump into the VP of Marketing of the company that I had contracted to deliver the catalog designs and mention the ‘situation’. He responds by telling me that he is getting nervous. I told him he isn’t as nervous as I am, but I have a plan and I will let him know on Monday what course I am on.

Recovering InDesign
Having decided that I would give it a go with the Markzware system to recover damaged InDesign, I send the file over. At this point, I have no idea how long it will take, as we are talking about over a hundred pages and two weeks of work. I was thinking about… inviting… designers I know, setting up 4 Mac stations in my garage and forcing them… to help… I get an email from David Dilling of Markzware… he was going to look at it later in the day on Saturday. I thought, ‘Awesome!’

I design a magazine and this particular weekend was deadline weekend.  The amount of work in front of me in the early hours of Saturday, March 26, is overwhelming and I… don’t know how I am going to pull it off… I receive another message and it is from David.  This email lifted a huge weight off, I thought I wouldn’t hear back until sometime on Monday. David explains the process… if this Markzware service to recover InDesign doesn’t work, I don’t have to pay… I immediately emailed him back confirming the fee is not an issue, did a few more ads and off to bed.

Striking Gold with Markzware Service to Recover InDesign
I get an email from David:  “Hi Mike, I think we struck gold… rounding off the work here, see next email.”  The catalog is of fabricated metals, so I knew he had something that he could look at. The … anticipation of seeing what exactly was there or not was a little intriguing.

David sent an email with a link to the file, user id and password, along with a link to pay and some other software information. I logged on and there was my file, a little slimmer than the file I sent. I loaded a 114 meg file, this file was 59. I am nervous [about] what may or may not be there.  As I download the file and drag it into InDesign, it opens and I start scrolling down to see that almost everything is there.  Except for a few font face issues, which was a minor issue compared to what I was facing 12 hours earlier, I was… happy.

What a Savings Markzware InDesign Recovery Provided
What this technology saved me is an estimated 72 hours and two weeks working… and… 6 hours after my day job, whew! … the software works, and I layout publications in InDesign. I decided to [buy] some Markzware conversion products, Q2ID and ID2Q.  I want to make sure that I have the software… available in case I run across this again.  I have already told a few designers about Markzware, so I do recommend their plug-ins.”

Recover InDesign with Markzware InDesign Recovery. Just follow the Markzware File Recovery Service procedures, should a damaged InDesign file ever happen to you.

About Bedgood:
I created Innovated Digital about 6 years ago when I started doing freelance work and last year created the ‘LLC’…

  • I design my wife’s local magazine,
  • create product catalogs for a jewelry settings company,
  • non-profit work, and [almost]
  • anything publication or document related that has a bunch of moving parts.

Damaged InDesign File Saved by Markzware InDesign Recovery

Title: Damaged InDesign File Saved by Markzware InDesign Recovery
Published on: May 5, 2011
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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