Fix Bad InDesign Files with Markzware File Recovery Service

The Markzware File Recovery Service to fix bad InDesign Files… a customer’s testimonial on how this Markzware service works for file recovery:

Brianna Corbett, who has an MA in Publishing and works as freelance designer designing book covers, layouts and marketing material, was in her last stages of completing her degree from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England. One of Corbett’s final projects for her MA was completing a book she wrote and designed titled “Culturally Literate: Historical Influences on Marketing Design.”

After all the time and effort spent on creating this book, Corbett hit a snag, and the Adobe InDesign file suddenly became corrupt InDesign. “The corruption of my file is a mystery to me.  I left my external hard drive plugged into my PC, and the computer updated while I was in a meeting with my MA supervisor.” Corbett continues,  “When I returned, the file wouldn’t open InDesign at all.  I tried it on six different computers and asked the IT guys where I intern if they could help. They tried to mess with the coding and opened it in different programs such as InCopy, but the damaged InDesign was too damaged. One of the IT guys sent me the link to Markzware and I’m forever grateful for that!”

Markzware File Recovery Service User (Adobe InDesign), Brianna Corbett, Oxford Brookes University
Markzware saved me approximately 75 hours of work

The Markzware DTP File Recovery Service can recover InDesign, which, according to Corbett, “saved approximately 75 hours of work and the quality was excellent. Just a few of the paragraph and character styles needed redoing, and I had to relink the images, but that is nothing compared to recreating the entire book!”

“The investment in fixing bad InDesign using MarkzTools was definitely worth it.  I had a response within twenty minutes of sending the first email and received the corrected file before the end of lunch. What a life-saver!”

When you’re in a pinch and need to fix an InDesign file without delay, let Markzware come to your rescue and recover InDesign. “I sent the first email and had the files all within a space of three hours. This was especially important, as the deadline for the finished book meant that I didn’t have time to recreate the file from scratch.”

Thank you, Brianna, for sharing your story. We are glad we were able to help resolve your corrupt InDesign file with ease and speed.

DTP File Recovery Service for InDesign Recovery:
Don’t have Quark? Still need to fix INDD documents? We can help! For a small fee per bad file, Markzware will recover InDesign files for you. Besides the small bad file in-take fee, it is basically a “No Cure, No Pay” service, meaning, if we cannot fix the bad InDesign file, you pay nothing further! Just submit your bad InDesign file to Markzware today… With all our experience in helping to fix bad InDesign files, our success rate in InDesign file recovery is pretty high!

Title: Fix Bad InDesign Files with Markzware File Recovery Service
Published on: October 7, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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