How to Fix a Corrupt InDesign File

The Markzware InDesign file recovery service to recover InDesign from a bad file. Since we can recover InDesign files, we noticed this blog article titled, “How to fix a corrupt InDesign file” where we read:

Clients sometimes call me with tales of woe of misbehaving InDesign files. Sometimes the bad file will open, but crashes every time they turn to page 3. Or the file crashes when they save. Or the text is all scattered willy-nilly across the page. Sometimes a corrupted file won’t even open. When a file goes bad, and you don’t have a recent backup copy, what do you do? Here are two things to try.” Source

Naturally, one of the things to try to recover InDesign is the InDesign file recovery service from Markzware, the no-cure, no-pay way to fix bad InDesign files, whether it is damaged, unopenable, or crashing InDesign.

Another tip to recover InDesign files that can open, but are acting strangely, is to export to an .INX file type (within InDesign, under “File”). Later this week, I will share a new video on some advanced file recovery tips on how to open InDesign and fix crashing InDesign!

Title: How to Fix a Corrupt InDesign File
Published on: March 9, 2009
David Dilling

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