Fix Corrupt InDesign File

The Markzware InDesign File Recovery Service can help you fix a corrupt InDesign file, including a corrupt InDesign CS5 file:

Markzware File Recovery Service User, Ann Gillespie, freelance Graphic Designer
“Markzware’s turn-around for my
corrupt InDesign file was fantastic”
– Ann Gillespie, graphic designer

Corrupt InDesign file, really?! Yes, really! Ann Gillespie, a freelance graphic designer, was working on multiple files when one corrupt InDesign file just wouldn’t open in Adobe InDesign. “Once or twice, I’ve had a problem with a page of a long document and have just deleted that page and rebuilt. When this happened, I wasn’t even doing anything major to it at the time, but it was a complex 2-page document that wouldn’t open at all.”

Gillespie did an online search and found that Markzware had technology that could open InDesign to resurrect her complex InDesign document. “The turnaround for this file was fantastic. The corrupt file happened at the end of my work day and Markzware was able to retrieve it overnight. The investment was definitely worth it, as it saved me at least a day plus lots of aggravation and it kept me on top of a tight deadline. I was pleased with the quality of the recovery, which was around 90%.”

Markzware InDesign file recovery service can fix a corrupt InDesign CS5 file and more. Should you encounter a corrupt InDesign file, check out the Markzware File Recovery Service, then send the file via the file recovery form, and we’ll try to help.

Title: Fix Corrupt InDesign File
Published on: February 2, 2012
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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