Fix InDesign Error 5 with Markzware File Recovery Service

Adam Roessler, information technology administrator for SportsArt Fitness, is the head web designer responsible for all computer-related tasks.  Recently, Roessler had a co-worker, Deborah Hamlin, who uses Adobe InDesign. She asked for his help after discovering an InDesign Error Code. Her InDesign file had suddenly become a corrupt InDesign file.

Markzware File Recovery Service User, SportsArt Fitness, Adam Roessler, IT Admin/Web Designer

Hamlin, who is the graphic designer and was working on web elements for the upcoming site redesign for SportsArt Fitness, suddenly couldn’t open InDesign to access an INDD file. Roessler explains, “We really don’t know what happened. The file was being used in good working order for the previous 4 months, and just a couple days ago, Deborah opened the file to find the Adobe InDesign error code message. Many industry forums directed us to try the Markzware InDesign file recovery service. So, we did just that, and the service probably saved us around 80 hours of work. For $99, we were able to save 2 weeks worth of work to recreate elements.  I would recommend Markzware to help with any future corrupt Adobe InDesign files.

InDesign Recovery Service:
Don’t have Quark? Still need to recover InDesign documents? We can help fix InDesign error code 4 and error code 5 with the Markzware File Recovery Service! For a small fee per bad file, Markzware will recover InDesign files for you. This is a “No Cure, No Pay” service, meaning, if we cannot fix the bad InDesign file, you pay nothing! Just email the INDD file to sales (AT) markzware (DOT) com (if the file is smaller than 3MB), or email to the same address for upload details. Alternatively, post the file yourself on a download site, and send us the download link. When we have attempted to fix bad InDesign files affected by InDesign Error Code 4 or 5, our success rate in InDesign file recovery has been pretty high! Fix InDesign error 5 with Markzware InDesign file recovery, today!

Title: Fix InDesign Error 5 with Markzware File Recovery Service
Published on: November 10, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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