Fixing Corrupted InDesign Layouts

Fixing corrupt InDesign layouts is an area in which Markzware has expertise. The Markzware File Recovery Service can fix corrupt InDesign layouts. MarkzTools, a Quark XTension from Markzware, has proven valuable in many cases. Markzware invited Adobe InDesign users to submit their bad, crashing, non-responsive, error-messaging, or otherwise corrupt InDesign files.

Markzware has seen a steady stream of corrupt InDesign (INDD) documents coming in. We thank those who sent submissions. This will assist our R&D team to develop a file recovery plug-in, similar to MarkzTools. MarkzTools can also verify file integrity and allow the user to down-save QuarkXPress to a lower version.

Keep sending your corrupt InDesign documents to sales AT markzware DOT com, because we have incredible success in file recovery. Those interested in InDesign recovery can see the Markzware File Recovery Service page. Here is a video on InDesign recovery, in which MarkzTools is used to recover InDesign and fix a huge InDesign file:

Continue to submit your corrupt InDesign projects to us. Try the Markzware File Recovery Service. Let us use MarkzTools to help you recover InDesign files and to maintain document integrity. Check out more QuarkXPress and InDesign compatible solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Fixing Corrupted InDesign Layouts

Title: Fixing Corrupted InDesign Layouts
Published on: June 5, 2008
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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