Hero Quark XTension-MarkzTools from Markzware!

Here was an excellent and very detailed article on the new version of Markzware‘s Quark XTension, MarkzTools 8. The article is titled “…my hero! (sigh)!” from X-Ray magazine, which prints magazine articles, specializing in design and production. This Quark XTension can recover QuarkXPress, convert Quark to a lower version from a higher version, and more. I loved Tami Stodghill’s intro to this 2-pager:

“I remember working side-by-side with a friend of mine a number of years ago. We were both working separately on portions of a large catalog, using QuarkXPress. Intermittently we would chat, but both of us pretty much were lost in our own worlds, putting together our respective portions of the document. Then — out of nowhere — comes this sound the likes of which I never care to hear again. My friend looked to be on the verge of tears as well, stood up and left the room without so much as a word. Needless to say, I was freaked out; and a quick trip over to her computer screen gave me the explanation I was looking for. There it was — the terrifying bad file format error…

Here’s where MarkzTools rides in on its white horse. MarkzTools is one of those XTensions that never seems to catch your eye until you need it; but when you need it, there is nothing that could keep you from your quest to buy it. MarkzTools can be used to prevent corrupted QuarkXPress documents, allowing you to vanquish the terrifying bad file format errors number 70, 39, and 108. Even better, you can also verify existing documents, so you’ll instantly know whether the integrity of your document is shady or unstable.
Source: http://www.xraymag.com/articles/xray_v6n1_markztools_01.html

MarkzTools can:

  • convert Quark from a higher version to a lower version
  • salvage corrupt QuarkXPress (QXP) files to recover QuarkXPress text
  • secure QuarkXPress content
  • maintain file integrity

Check out the full article on this multi-functional Quark XTension. It goes into great detail about many other useful features and functions of MarkzTools.
Markzware MarkzTools 8 to Down-Save QuarkXPress to v4Need to convert QuarkXPress to a lower version, save corrupt Quark files, or recover QuarkXPress? Let the Markzware File Recovery Service use Markzware’s Quark XTension, MarkzTools, to help you. See more QuarkXPress XTensions and desktop publishing (DTP) solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Hero Quark XTension – MarkzTools from Markzware!

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