How to Convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6 via MarkzTools

Want to know how to convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6? Markzware’s video and steps show you how to complete a file conversion, using MarkzTools for InDesign CS6:

Your InDesign CS6 workflow is moving along at a rapid pace. When an InDesign CC 2015 document is introduced into the process, you can avoid being the one that delays production. Just use an InDesign plugin in the MarkzTools2 Bundle from Markzware, to open InDesign CC in CS6.

Markzware is a leading provider of document conversion and other beneficial solutions. MarkzTools for InDesign CS6 is an Adobe CS6 plugin from Markzware that can convert InDesign CC and newer version files to InDesign CS6.

Received an Adobe InDesign CC 2015 file for Creative Cloud, but need to send data in the InDesign CS6 (INDD Creative Suite 6) format? This MarkzTools demonstration video walks you through the file conversion steps:

How to Convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6 via MarkzTools

MarkzTools for InDesign CS6 allows users to open InDesign CC file versions (including CC 2015) within InDesign CS6. This plugin is part of the MarkzTools2 Bundle from Markzware and enables you to edit content, within a familiar CS6 environment.

How to Convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6 via
MarkzTools for InDesign CS6:

• Go to the MarkzTools menu in InDesign CS6.
• Select “Convert InDesign Document“.
• Select the InDesign CC 2015 document that you want to convert.

If your workflow uses InDesign, it can use MarkzTools to extract data that can help your target customers to learn about your offerings. MarkzTools is effective conversion software that allows you to import later versions of InDesign into an editable InDesign CS6 file.

MarkzTools Benefits
• enables fast access to an INDD Creative Cloud document, for editing within an earlier version. Save time, money and labor, since there is no need to reconstruct the InDesign document.
• allows InDesign CS5-CS6 users to work with content created in InDesign CC versions, on a computer that is not connected to Creative Cloud.
• provides accurate data conversion for InDesign CS5-CS6 users who handle higher version INDD documents.

Menu Selection in MarkzTools for InDesign CS6 plugin to
Convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6:

Convert Adobe InDesign CC 2014 higher versions to CS6 CS5 lower files with MarkzToolsKey Features in MarkzTools
• allows InDesign CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 users to convert InDesign CC or higher files to CS5, CS5.5 or CS6, without IDML.
displays the InDesign CC version, so InDesign CS5, CS5.5 or CS6 users will know which file version the document is.
• allows you to extract content from an INDD Creative Cloud file.
• supports many languages, including German, French, and English.
• available in plugin versions compatible with multiple versions of Adobe InDesign.

You can choose a reliable conversion solution to get your InDesign CC 2015 content in the optimum format. MarkzTools opens the InDesign file in an earlier version, allowing you to modify the INDD file.

With MarkzTools for InDesign CS6, you can
convert the following InDesign versions to CS6:
• CC
• CC 2014
• CC 2015
• CC 2017

MarkzTools can give CS6 users the ability to customize InDesign CC 2015 content. Combine, edit & merge InDesign CC 2015 elements, in an InDesign CS6 document.

“MarkzwareWhy purchase these Markzware conversion solutions? Simply put, MarkzTools is affordable InDesign conversion software that works well. So, you get quality document conversion, at a low price.

To Buy MarkzTools2:
Markzware‘s MarkzTools 12 Month Bundle Subscription provides:
• MarkzTools2
• MarkzTools for InDesign CS6 Mac
• MarkzTools for InDesign CS5.5 Mac
• MarkzTools for InDesign CS5 Mac
• MarkzTools and MarkzTools2 updates
For more information, please visit the MarkzTools2 page. Additional Markzware products are available via the Products page.

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How to Convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6 via MarkzTools

Title: How to Convert InDesign CC 2015 to Adobe InDesign CS6 via MarkzTools
Published on: February 23, 2017
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