InDesign Crash Threatens Catalog Production – Markzware Rescues

Markzware File Recovery User, Hennie Luten, owner, graphics arts expert, LK Mediasupport

“It was more than worth it.
The service was excellent. Within
a day, the InDesign recovery was
delivered…” – Hennie Luten,
owner / graphic arts expert,
LK Mediasupport

Hennie Luten is from the Netherlands and the owner of LK Mediasupport. Luten, who is an expert in graphic arts and a project leader, has been working with Adobe InDesign for the past 8 years. InDesign file recovery has become valuable for Adobe CS5 production workflows, as for catalog production, with which LK has experience. Luten is currently using InDesign for layout creation, for book design, and for marketing collateral materials.

In Luten’s business, you have to be organized, because the graphic arts workflow moves so fast, and any delays in Adobe CS4 or Adobe CS5 production cost time and money. However, problems can happen, as we all know, and in Luten’s case, her computer experienced an InDesign crash during the graphic arts workflow phase of catalog production. Luten describes, “The computer crashed while our DTP layout artists were busy with a catalog that was 260 pages. When we started the computer again, we were unable to open the InDesign document.” That is when they had discovered that they had a corrupt InDesign document.

Luten immediately went to the Internet and discovered that Markzware has a solution to this InDesign crash problem and can fix a corrupt InDesign file, including files for Adobe CS5 production. Markzware’s File Recovery Service was able to use ID2Q and Q2ID to recover InDesign for this project. This saved LK Mediasupport an entire month of work and allowed catalog production to continue. Luten describes the relief once it was realized that Markzware could help to fix their corrupt InDesign project with ID2Q and Q2ID. “The last back-up was from four weeks earlier and was, therefore, of no use, so that would mean a month of work to re-do again. Once the InDesign recovery was done and we had our document back, our layout artists’ blood pressure was checked, and the request was made to back-up more frequently next time.”

According to Luten, Markzware was able to recover InDesign so that catalog production could progress, since the InDesign recovery file was reasonably usable. “The page index was no longer good and the links no longer worked. This took us about five hours of work to fix. Much different (five hours) versus four WEEKS of work. It was more than worth it. The service was excellent. I emailed in the middle of the night and directly got a response. Within a day, the InDesign recovery was delivered, even with the fact it was a very heavy (large size) file.”

Have you ever had a problem, or nightmare experience, with a corrupt InDesign file that threatened your catalog production or graphic arts workflow? Should an InDesign crash happen during your Adobe CS5 production, try the Markzware File Recovery Service to recover InDesign and rescue the document. Then, please share your story with us.

InDesign Crash Threatens Catalog Production – Markzware Rescues

Title: InDesign Crash Threatens Catalog Production – Markzware Rescues
Published on: June 11, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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