InDesign Error 5: Corrupted InDesign CS5 Solution, File Recovery

InDesign Error 5: Corrupted InDesign CS5 Solution, File Recovery

Corrupted InDesign CS5 file solution to Adobe CS5 Error 5:

Fix InDesign Error 5 with Markzware File Recovery Service

Solution to Corrupted InDesign CS5 File: InDesign File Recovery to Fix InDesign Error 5

Solution to Corrupted InDesign CS5 File: InDesign File Recovery to Fix InDesign Error 5
Hi there, I am a graphic arts student currently attending school and this is my last year, so I am now on form 7. This is just a quick video about how I managed to recover an InDesign document which I accidentally corrupted. I use InDesign for my photography projects at AS Little in Cambridge. So all my work depends on the functionality of Adobe InDesign, which has served me well in the past term or so.

This corrupted InDesign CS5 file is about 40 hours of accumulated work and 133 MB file made from that. OK, so one day I was reviving my computer from hybernation (sleep) state and I had to force shut it down, for it had seemed to have frozen. This was obviously a very bad idea, for at the time I was not aware that an InDesign CS5 file was opened and had not been saved. Which was the InDesign CS5 file which contains all of my photography.

The next time I started up the computer the next day, I found that that file had been corrupted and I’ll show you the error that it gave me. Here you are: Cannot open the project because it’s damaged and cannot be recovered. InDesign has a built-in recovery system whereby it leaves traces of changes it makes to a file while it’s open, but since I’d hibernated my computer, this file was not present where it should be, or at all, and therefore the file couldn’t be recovered.

So, I did quite a bit of Googling and, in the end, came to a site called, with a Z, not with an S, and they managed to recover the file, so what I ended up afterwards with was this. Here we go. So, this is exactly what my photography looked like before I’d left it. Here we go, everything there. So, as you can see there, where my cursor is, you’ve got the gradient overlay that I had before I’d saved the file. You’ve got the drop shadows of the pictures and objects, and also you have picture within a picture here.

Markzware File Recovery Recover InDesign from Error Code 5
So, all of the effects have been retained, as well as the font type, the font style and the color and just about everything else that was there before I saved it, including my master material right there, which is my name and the page number of the document. So, Markzware managed to do this in a matter of about, say, it must have been four hours, because I had sent them an email with the document in it, I left the house, came back and found that they had already recovered it, which was to my great surprise, because it’s 133 MB file that I put about 40 hours of work into that’s been corrupted, and they managed to fix it in that short time, which was excellent.

Now, Markzware only charged $99 for such a service, however, they offer a deal whereby, if you complete an offer that they present to you, they’ll give you 50% off of that price, which I believe is an excellent discount for such a simple task to do. So, if your InDesign document is giving you trouble, especially InDesign Error 5, but also any other error, open your web browser, head to, as you can see up there, and go to the article section on InDesign File Recovery. You don’t need to do this, I’m just showing you this to prove that it works.

These are people’s testimonials for InDesign file recovery here. Let’s go into that to see what it says. Also, notice that most of these testimonials are not from individuals, but rather from people who work for big, major companies. For instance, here we go, Daniel Greenwood, new media manager at feast creative Ltd. So, it’s a well-established company who uses InDesign for their projects and they use these people for recovering InDesign for their files. Here they say they also did a Google search and found Markzware.

There you have it. So, if their recovery isn’t to your satisfaction, obviously, you can email the manager. He’s very friendly. You email him through the website somewhere; you’ll have to look around a little bit, and then tell him about your problem and they’ll see if they can solve it. Obviously, there’s a “no fix, no payment” basis that they entail on their website, and you can look all that up. Just go to, remember with a Z, and look for their InDesign File Recovery Service. I hope this helps.

Remember, if you get an InDesign error, contact Markzware about InDesign file recovery. Markzware will help you to recover InDesign and save your valuable INDD files as quickly as possible.

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