MarkzTools 8 with QuarkXPress 8 Down-Save, Extract and Fix

MarkzTools 8: Extract text from Quark (QXP) files. Down-Save Quark 8 to Quark 6 or 4.11 QXD files. Fix corrupt QuarkXPress Documents!

Markzware MarkzTools 8 is available for QuarkXPress 8 and 7. This layout tool is often known for its amazing ability to fix QuarkXPress DTP layouts that were corrupt, damaged, or not opening! There are, though, several other important and useful features of this long-standing Quark XTension.

Now there is also a way to get MarkzTools at no charge, for a limited time, via this Quark Magic Bundle! Read below about many of the great features and benefits of this publishing utility and watch the MarkzTools demonstration video to which it links, as well:

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Watch the video tutorial of MarkzTools now

With the QuarkXPress 8 Limited Time Offer,
Get MarkzTools for FREE today:

Enables easy version conversion

Eliminates time re-creating content

Recovery of corrupt Quark documents

Retrieve text from corrupted documents

Down-save Quark to version 4 & 6

» Watch the video of how it works

» Learn how to get the FREE toolkit

Do you need to downsave QuarkXPress files into previous versions 4 and 6 in addition to 7?

While QuarkXPress 8 can open projects created in any previous version of QuarkXPress, what if you need to save files back to QuarkXPress 6 or even version 4? MarkzTools, a Mac only XTension, is your QuarkXPress Swiss Army Knife that enables you to downsave files to previous QuarkXPress versions 4, 5 and 6.

Do you want to recover or retrieve text from corrupted QuarkXPress documents?

With MarkzTools, you can also continually verify the file integrity of QuarkXPress projects, to:

  • prevent file corruption,
  • salvage corrupt Quark files,
  • even extract text from files that can’t be repaired.

While these are all scenarios that you hope will never happen to you, with MarkzTools in your pocket, if the worst happens, you’re prepared.

Title: MarkzTools 8 with QuarkXPress 8 Down-Save, Extract and Fix
Published on: November 11, 2010
David Dilling

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