Markzware MarkzTools Menu in MarkzTools for InDesign Plugin

How to use the Markzware MarkzTools Menu in the MarkzTools for InDesign plugin. This data conversion software can open InDesign CS5CS6 in a higher InDesign version, including InDesign CC and CC 2014:

Markzware Menu

Markzware MarkzTools for InDesign MenuUnder the Markzware Menu select MarkzTools and then Convert InDesign Document…

Which version of InDesign?
Which Version of InDesign CC to OpenYou may not know whether the file you’re trying to open was last saved in InDesign CC, InDesign CC 2014, InDesign CS6, or etc. By default the Enable menu is set to All Higher Version Documents. With this setting, you do not have to know the specific version of InDesign used to create or most recently modify the file. If you select InDesign CC 2014 Only, then only CC 2014 files will be available for conversion. The same applies to the InDesign CC Only setting.

TIP! – For the smoothest experience, leave Enable set to All Higher Version Documents and just open your InDesign files. Select the file you want to convert and click Open. MarkzTools will now convert your file. That’s it!

Using InDesign’s Standard Open (Command-O) Option

InDesign Error
Adobe InDesign Error "Cannot open"If you try and open a higher version InDesign file, InDesign will post an alert stating it cannot open the higher version document.
Click OK to continue.
Afterwards MarkzTools will prompt you.

MarkzTools Intercepts the File
Markzware MarkzTools Intercepts InDesign CC 2014 File

When MarkzTools for InDesign is loaded, it will attempt to intercept files flagged as un-openable due to being a higher version. A dialog similar to the above screen cap should appear. Clicking OK begins the conversion process. That’s it!

For more information on this data conversion software, please visit the MarkzTools page. To see more desktop publishing (DTP) solutions and conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.

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