Open Corrupt InDesign File with Markzware File Recovery and Get Jazzed

Markzware customer, Hanne Lene Dalgleish, communications coordinator and graphic designer for the Coastal Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival has been working hard to prepare for a big jazz festival. The festival takes place in June and runs for ten days, attracting over 1,800 performing musicians from all over the world.

Dalgleish, who is in charge of putting together the festival program guide, ran into a snag when her project all of a sudden became a corrupt InDesign file. Dalgleish explains, “My file was for an 80-page booklet, it’s a jazz festival program guide which includes all the artists’ biographies and schedules, as well as ticketing information along with all of the festivities. I had already sent the file to the printer and received the final product. As the festival draws closer, there are usually artists changes. We make those changes on our website, and then update the booklet as we make it available on our website to download. When I tried to open the InDesign file to make the first round of changes, about two weeks after sending it to the printer, I was unable to open the InDesign file.”

Dalgleish, who had been working on this booklet for three weeks and feared she would have to start from scratch, desperately had to figure out a file recovery solution. Her tech team came up with an idea, which was to contact Markzware to recover InDesign.

Markzware File Recovery User, Hanne Lene Dalgleish, communications coordinator/graphic designer, Coastal Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival

“It took me three weeks to put together.
I would have had to start from scratch.”
– Hanne Lene Dalgleish, communications coordinator,
Coastal Jazz/Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Success! Markzware was able to open the Adobe InDesign file and accomplish the file recovery of the corrupt InDesign file with the Markzware File Recovery Service. “The best part was that the file opened. There’s a bit of work for me to do, because it seems that the copy reformatted itself, and text tables shifted themselves around, and I have to re-link a lot of photos. But, better than no file to work with at all. The turnaround for getting this done was super fast. Excellent turnaround, I think it was just a day.”

Open corrupt InDesign file projects, as was done in this file recovery success story. Markzware File Recovery Service solves another mystery, dealing with a suddenly corrupt InDesign file that requires a solution to recover InDesign.

Please let us know your experience of needing file recovery. Have you ever had a corrupt InDesign file? If so, what was the end result? Were you able to open the InDesign file (INDD document)? Contact Markzware PR and share your story with us! We care and want to help you recover the file, if a corrupt InDesign file should ever happen to you!

Open Corrupt InDesign File with Markzware File Recovery and Get Jazzed

Title: Open Corrupt InDesign File with Markzware File Recovery and Get Jazzed
Published on: June 24, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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