Recover InDesign – Service Needs No Backup File

File recovery can recover InDesign after corrupt InDesign surprises you:

Iris Schwartz, design manager, Starplast, uses Markzware DTP File Recovery Service

“The file was damaged and unfortunately the graphic designer also had no backup file.”

Files can go bad in all parts of the world, and Starplast, located in Israel, needed help from Markzware, developers of MarkzTools and experts in InDesign recovery. Starplast is a pioneer plastic manufacturer, for the past 40 years, of products that help to organize your life better at home, in the garden or at the office.

Iris Schwartz, design manager for Starplast, is in charge of all designing activity which includes 6 designers in the Industrial department and 3 designers who are in charge of designing the many trade shows they exhibit throughout the world.

What happens when you are working on a project within Adobe InDesign, and all of a sudden, an electrical problem occurs, and your computer is unexpectedly shut down?  “The device which had to support this problem (UPS) and keep the computer working did not work. When the computer was restarted, the file was damaged, and, unfortunately, the graphic designer also had no backup file,” Schwartz described. Markzware provided the solution.

How did a plastic manufacturing company located in Israel happen to find a company based in the state of California, in order to request assistance on InDesign recovery?  Simple, “In Hebrew, I googled corrupt indesign file, and that is what led me to a forum, where I found a link to your site. This service to recover InDesign from corrupt InDesign saved me 2.5 weeks of time and the file recovery was about 80%. It is an investment that is definitely worth it, and we would recommend it.”

Of course, we recommend that you keep a back-up file of your work. If you need to recover InDesign, contact Markzware. We can assist you with using MarkzTools and the file recovery service for InDesign recovery.

Recover InDesign – Service Needs No Backup File

Title: Recover InDesign – Service Needs No Backup File
Published on: October 27, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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