InDesign File Recovery Service Tested by Steinel

As the marketing manager of Steinel in Bloomington, Minnesota, Julie Wetterlin has a lot on her plate.  With coordinating trade shows and managing public relations, as well as designing the company web site, literature and packaging, there isn’t a lot of time to lose in a day.

Markzware File Recovery User, Julie Wetterlin, marketing manager, Steinel

“Markzware InDesign file recovery saved us two weeks of solid work” – Julie Wetterlin, marketing manager, STEINEL

While pending deadlines are extremely important, Wetterlin needed assistance from Markzware. What occurred on this particular day was the unfortunate situation of getting a corrupt InDesign document. Wetterlin explains, “I am not sure why this 65mb, 70-page file became corrupt. It got to the point where I couldn’t even open it at all.”  Since it was an Adobe InDesign file, Wetterlin first contacted Adobe about her problem. “I spoke to Adobe for hours about the problem.  After we realized it was just the file that was corrupt, I uploaded it to their FTP server.  From there, they advanced the document to their senior technicians. It took them 5 days to tell me that my file was completely corrupt. Then they said I should contact Markzware.”

After Adobe worked with Wetterlin’s file for five days, she wasn’t all that convinced to try Markzware but try she did. “Since it was a free file recovery service if Markzware wasn’t able to resolve the problem, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try.” So needless to say, there is a happy ending to this story.  “With the Markzware file recovery service, it saved us two weeks of solid work, and the investment was definitely worth it.  I had the file back within two business hours.”

InDesign Recovery Service:

Don’t have Quark? Still need to fix INDD documents? We can help! For a small fee of 99 USD/EUR per bad file, Markzware will recover InDesign files for you. This is a “No Cure, No Pay” service, meaning, if we cannot fix the bad InDesign file, you pay nothing! Just email the file to sales (AT) markzware (DOT) com (if the file is smaller than 3MB), or email the same address for our FTP upload details. Alternatively, post the file yourself on a download site, or on your own site, and send us the download link. When we have attempted to fix bad InDesign files, our success rate in InDesign file recovery is pretty high!

Conversion and File Recovery Service – 50% “Video your Corrupt File story” Discount!
Click here for 50% off the Quark or Adobe InDesign File Recovery Service, if you make a video and place on YouTube, Vimeo, WordPress, etc which explains your error/problem, what you tried, how you found Markzware and the ultimate solution. It is easy to make screen captures of your desktop (little videos of what you do on your screen), by using SnapzPro and other screen capture tools, which are generally free downloads.

Video must be completed and uploaded within 48 hours after your bad file is fixed or special file conversion project is delivered back to you. Otherwise, the price is the regular file recovery price.

InDesign File Recovery Service Tested by Steinel

Title: InDesign File Recovery Service Tested by Steinel
Published on: October 21, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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