Urban Designers – survey on your graphic design workflow…

Urban designers are a niche within graphic design that I personally find quite interesting. If you read a job description for urban designers, you’ll see that many do page layout and graphic design with InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator and CAD programs. They also often have hands-on duties with planners, community leaders and local governments. Basically, each position varies, but, in a nut-shell, they do urban design to help plan our towns, cities and landscapes!

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Urban Designers, the rest of this post is just for you!
Recently, we provided file recovery for an urban designer who encountered a bad file, a corrupt InDesign file. (The Markzware File Recovery Service and products can be invaluable tools for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress projects!) After helping this urban designer, we decided to look deeper into what we, as a provider of productivity tools, could offer you, the graphic software user.

Urban Designers Graphic Design Survey
A few Quick Questions…

We have a few simple questions to ask you in this easy-to-complete online survey. Your feedback would be much appreciated to help us better understand how we can serve urban designers and architect firms:


Are you an urban designer or do you know someone who is? Please visit and share about the Markzware Products page. It has information on productivity tools to help the graphic design workflow.

Urban Designers – survey on your graphic design workflow…

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