If Content is King, then Content Conversion is the Prince

Markzware‘s PageZephyr Search is a content search application for desktop search in Adobe InDesign CS5 and more proprietary file formats. Copy and paste the found text to create new content. Then, publish InDesign stories to print or the internet.

This Markzware desktop search engine came to mind when I read a cnet article titled “Content is free. Formats are not.” Content search for publishing is beyond purely printing, although content in the digital printing industry, and certainly the publishing industry, faces a similar fate:

“Content may be free, but the format in which we buy it certainly is not. As Apple, Google, Red Hat, and others increasingly demonstrate, consumers and enterprises are happy to pay for “free” when packaged in convenient formats that add value to digital goods.
All of these (re)purchases strike me that the media world may have problems, but they are mostly of discovering convenient formats in which to deliver content. Formats that suggest, and sometimes demand, payment.”

Good content is a necessary precondition with getting paid, but it’s not going to be reason we pay anymore. That reason for payment is the format in which the content is delivered.

Perhaps it’s always been that way, but the physicality of the delivery mechanisms confused us: we were buying the paper but thought we were buying the news.”
Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10369471-16.html

PageZephyr Search desktop search can perform a content search in Adobe InDesign CS5, CS4 and more proprietary files. Whether your goal is to make a new print file or to share your text on the internet via a blog or web page, the problem is the same. You generally want to liberate your content and Markzware has the solution.

Markzware’s PageZephyr Search allows customers to convert InDesign to create new revenue streams for their content. Search InDesign files (INDD documents) in desktop publishing (DTP) archives of any size.

With this new desktop search engine, PageZephyr Search, you can locate relevant content inside encoded Adobe InDesign files. Users can give quick responses to legal and investigative requests for electronic evidence (eDiscovery). PageZephyr Search can streamline your content development with powerful search technology.

With PageZephyr Search, find the right information in seconds across multiple INDD files, using a single search command. Take control of the expanding diversity and scale of your content resources. Gain the competitive advantage by reviving the value of the content in your legacy files.

Markzware develops desktop publishing software, including PageZephyr Search, the content search application that allows you to make the most of your content. Find and use text existing in your Adobe InDesign CS through InDesign CC files.

If content is king, then “content conversion is the prince” and worth its weight in gold. Try PageZephyr Search to help publish your content and let us know what you think.

If Content is King, then Content Conversion is the Prince

Title: If Content is King, then Content Conversion is the Prince
Published on: October 9, 2009
David Dilling

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