Cross Channel Publishing with PageZephyr Search

Cross-Channel Publishing without the native DTP layout applications used to create native files? Need a content search application? Is your content under lock and key? Do you feel like you need to break free and let your content flow with freedom? Markzware’s content search application for cross-media publishing can help:

Markzware‘s content search application for desktop publishing (DTP) allows you freedom to liberate your data. PageZephyr Search provides advanced desktop search for cross-channel publishing, or cross-media publishing.

PageZephyr Search can search InDesign CS and search InDesign CC. That can be a lot of desktop publishing content, which can help you to take control of your data. Search InDesign files in INDD file formats for DTP. Then, use the found text to create content for cross-channel publishing.

Here is a great review on PageZephyr by Erik Vlietinck of The review is well worth the read, for it goes beyond the standard “what is” to useful “how to” information on cross-media publishing:

Finding content in layout documents with PageZephyr
“…I found there’s actually a lot more to PageZephyr than meets the eye, and some of this could change cross-channel publishing in more than one way.

PageZephyr’s Preferences have an option to show document styles, which actually works quite well.

The first thing that I noticed is that you can edit the stories that make up the layout documents

The second thing is that PageZephyr behaves like a good Mac OS X citizen, i.e. you can drag text snippets from PageZephyr and drop them anywhere you like, including a form in Safari. This allows you to use PageZephyr as a semi-automatic online publishing utility…

Erik has a lot of fair, honest insights and some great tips and tricks on how PageZephyr can indeed index proprietary file formats for searching and allow you to use these desktop publishing formats. Create stories, as well as mix-and-match the stories into new content. You can search INDD files with this advanced search application to make your cross-media publishing easier.

Example of Content Search with PageZephyr Search
Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Example 1Copy and paste text to create content for cross-channel publishing

Cross-Media Publishing with Markzware‘s Content Search Application
Watch the video demonstration below to see how PageZephyr Search can search InDesign files, so you can find relevant content for cross-channel publishing:

How to use Content Search with
PageZephyr Search for Cross-Channel Publishing

Markzware’s content search application can search InDesign CS through InDesign CC

PageZephyr Search can search InDesign CS through CC files for Mac. You can buy this content search application at the PageZephyr Search page. See more desktop publishing software at the Markzware Products page.

Has this content search application helped your workflow for cross-media publishing to search InDesign files? Please comment below to let us know. Also, feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List.
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Cross-Channel Publishing with PageZephyr Search!

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