Democratizing Content – New role for prepress

Democratizing Content –
New role for prepress

Democratizing content can be handled in prepress when you search InDesign files. PageZephyr Search desktop search engine can do content search in Adobe InDesign (INDD). Then, you can copy and paste the found text to create new content and publish InDesign for print or the internet:

Sean Runchman of Tunicca posed an interesting post in the “Prepress, Print & Color Management Professionals” group  on LinkedIn. I think many in the printing industry have been thinking about, titled, “Premedia – the new Prepress?”

“We are seeing more and more encouragement for printers to diversify from a product offering based solely on print to more service oriented solutions. This requires printers to embrace the digital age even further and look at providing additional services demanded by the marketers within large brands.

Markzware PageZephyr Search is desktop search that offers printers a MASSIVE business opportunity, as this post mentions:

“Ink on paper is a term used often by printers. This expands to, “Content displayed as ink on paper.”

The printers controlled, in essence, the content up until the Internet. That today (ironically enough, for Gutenberg invented movable type to free content!) has more apparent freedom. Yet is that really so?

We feel that many customers of printers are needing serious help to ‘Democratize Content.’ (Which is why we developed PageZephyr Search.) To make it truly free from the binds of locked file types so that it can have a life in print, on the Internet via a blog, Tweet or similar and of course exportable for the various hand-held devices out there.

Then there comes the management and knowledge needed to distribute to all of these diverse channels. Printers wanting a piece of this, for lack of better words, “Content Management v2.0” can literally write the play-book (and price tag) for offering these services.

Maybe that is the problem. . .
Source: Group of Prepress, Print and Color Management Professionals | LinkedIn

PageZephyr Search can search prepress content in InDesign CS through InDesign CC. This content search application makes it accessible to everybody, an effective method of democratizing content for distribution. There is a wealth of untapped resources on the Internet that could help to distribute content, if only publishers had a method of leveraging them. Markzware makes desired content available worldwide.

Video: InDesign Search

PageZephyr Search. Search Your Adobe InDesign Files.

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Democratizing content for prepress with

Markzware’s content search application

PageZephyr Search is designed to give you maximum penetration into large volume archives of proprietary desktop publishing (DTP) documents. Common keywords produce nearly instantaneous results, locating and displaying the target resource(s). More than just simple content search, PageZephyr Search will search the text content in multiple document stories in INDD files.Recover the value of your desktop publishing assets with the power of PageZephyr Search. Locate valuable content for new content creation.

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Content Specifier

Now, useful content that has been in what were unsearchable proprietary files for desktop publishing can be found. You can join this Markzware User Group on LinkedIn to see all of the other extremely interesting replies. If you are on Linkedin, this free group is a great one to join. Of course, if you’re busy there, please come and join the Markzware User Group on LinkedIn for print, publishing and graphic design professionals.

Democratizing Content – New role for prepress

Title: Democratizing Content – New role for prepress
Published on: December 10, 2009
David Dilling

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