Desktop Search Instantly with PageZephyr Search

Desktop Search Instantly
in InDesign Files

Desktop Search instantly through INDD documents with Markzware‘s PageZephyr Search Mac. PageZephyr Search can index and do desktop search for Adobe InDesign files, without the need for the native layout application. Doing desktop search instantly is extremely handy in helping you to gather and organize content located in your desktop publishing (DTP) files. PageZephyr Search is the content search solution for instant desktop search.

Desktop Search Instantly with PageZephyr Search

Markzware’s content search application can handle instant desktop search for InDesign CS through InDesign CC

PageZephyr Search provides desktop search instantly for your layout files. You can copy and paste text, then mix, match and edit. You can use this edited content to print documents and/or upload it to the internet. Markzware PageZephyr helps you search InDesign files for specific text, which you can then use to publish to your blogs.

Instant desktop search fills the need for fast content creation. PageZephyr Search performs instant desktop search within layout files created in InDesign. You  can then take advantage of the discovered text to create more content to improve ROI.

PageZephyr Search Main Window
Markzware PageZephyr Search Main Window OverviewMarkzware’s content search application gives you search fields,
search results, matching documents, file path, and relevant text

Do desktop search instantly throughout your layout files and publish more revenue-generating content today. You can buy this content search application for instant desktop search via the PageZephyr Search page. See more desktop publishing software at the Markzware Products page.

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Desktop Search Instantly!

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