Electronic Discovery and Signals Intelligence of DTP File Formats

How to search for keywords with content search for Electronic Discovery (or eDiscovery) was mentioned in a  GraphicStart.com item titled, “Extracting and Printing Attachments from Email Portfolios.” EDiscovery is a process used heavily by law firms, scientific and university researchers, governments and intelligence agencies (Signals Intelligence) in the discovery process. For legal reasons, it is a must and has seemingly more and more requirements each year.

Now, imagine all they have to handle to process file formats, to read and particularly search for keywords. So, I read that article, which goes into detail about how you can use Adobe Acrobat and PDFs (Email Archiving feature in Acrobat) to help firms to process file formats. This got me thinking that there may be an easier way.

PDFs, or Portable Document Format files, do not come out of thin air. As a matter of a fact, certain data can be lost after exporting PDFs or after PDF creation, depending on settings and the likes. PDFs come from source files, like Adobe InDesign file formats for desktop publishing (DTP). This is where intensive Electronic Discovery, or eDiscovery, usually takes place for Signals Intelligence, in the original file. That easier way may be in the form of a new product and technology from Markzware called PageZephyr Search. Here is a video demonstration:

How to Search InDesign for eDiscovery

PageZephyr Search can search InDesign CS through InDesign CC to find your keyword(s)

This stand-alone content search tool will index DTP file formats on your hard drive for desktop publishing. It will allow you to search for keywords or phrases, much like Google. You can copy and paste found text into a text editor to create content. (For publishers, this is very interesting, for they can re-purpose legacy print files into an online HTML document, for example.)

To search InDesign for a keyword or phrase is important in the eDiscovery process. It is common for a legal aid or legal secretary to do this legwork, for experts to perform in-depth analysis. An echelon-like device or Signals Intelligence assistant, indeed!

PageZephyr Can Highlight Your Keywords within Context when You Search INDD
Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Right Clicking Filename
When you search InDesign, you can discover information and
find relevant text for content creation

PageZephyr Search can search InDesign CS or search InDesign CC on the Macintosh platform. You can buy this content search application as a perpetual license model via the PageZephyr Search page. See more desktop publishing (DTP) software on the Markzware Products page.

Has this content search application been used by your DTP workflow to search InDesign files? Please comment below. You can also subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and interact with Markzware on:
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Search InDesign for eDiscovery and desktop publishing! Search INDD to find your valuable content!

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