PageZephyr Rescues Your Desktop Searches

PageZephyr Search content search application by Markzware can search InDesign files for valuable text. Since Google and Bing cannot search these desktop publishing (DTP) documents, PageZephyr Search comes to rescue content search in such proprietary file formats.

Markzware noticed that Apple is said to be talking with Microsoft about replacing Google on iPhone, perhaps with Bing content search. Little known fact: Bill Gates made a huge investment in Apple before Steve Jobs came back on the scene, about 1997. That’s right, Microsoft invested in Apple and may have saved the company! Good thing Markzware has the ideal desktop search technology to do content search on that company’s Mac platform.

Desktop searches with PageZephyr Search helps users find specific text in INDD documents (Adobe InDesign files), via content search. You can copy and paste the found text, to create new content for publishing to print or the internet. Markzware PageZephyr Search desktop searches give users maximum penetration to search desktop archives, even large volumes of desktop publishing documents.

If you need to do desktop searches for desktop publishing file formats in Adobe InDesign, see the PageZephyr Search page. See desktop publishing software for InDesign and more, on the Markzware Products page.

PageZephyr Rescues Your Desktop Searches

Title: PageZephyr Rescues Your Desktop Searches
Published on: January 20, 2010
David Dilling

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