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PageZephyr is valuable desktop search technology that can free content and improve ROI.
Desktop search is very valuable these days. A major computer company is rumored to be in talks to buy a major social media network for 700 million, per an email from MacUser in the UK:

There has been a lot of talk this week about Apple buying micro-blogging service Twitter, with rumors of a $700 million offering on the table. Apple is just one of many companies that has been linked with a possible take-over of the service.
(See full story here.)

Markzware‘s desktop search technology, PageZephyr, helps you take advantage of your existing archives. Reuse content in your INDD documents, to improve ROI. Other desktop search tools can be costly in terms of wasted content, native applications, marketing costs, etc. PageZephyr, desktop search for Adobe InDesign, can access and search InDesign files in proprietary file formats. You can use the found text to create new content for desktop publishing (DTP). Edit and upload the text to make your content easier for others to find.

I disagree with the notion that there is no logical reason for Apple to buy Twitter, which faces the challenge of how to monetize itself. Imho, it would be a bargain at 700 mil. With Apple at the helm, the service itself would be like one big marketing cost, with huge exposure and potential ROI, not to mention, it is widely used via iPhone. Lastly, it could also slide Apple into the desktop search market, which can lead to a serious revenue stream, as can PageZephyr.

For instance, I use search to monitor real-time events. Hands down, you get faster information, and often better eyewitness accounts, via Twitter than MSM (Main Stream Media). When I logged into our @Markzware account, I saw a RT from @ilovetypography, which led me to this article (“Cool changes coming to Twitter Search”) on new and improved search that could rival Google, in many ways:

Twitter Search is going to get a lot more interesting soon, I learned tonight from Twitter’s new VP of Operations, Santosh Jayaram. Until recently, Jayaram was VP of Search Quality for Google. Speaking (with LinkedIn co-founder Allen Blue) on a panel I was moderating, and later in a one-on-one discussion, Jayaram confirmed that Twitter Search, which currently searches only the text of Twitter posts, will soon begin to crawl the links included in tweets and begin to index the content of those pages.

This will make Twitter Search a much more complete index of what’s happening in real time on the Web, and make it an even more credible competitor to Google Search for people who are looking for very timely content.

The incredible success of desktop search and usefulness of social media make a possible target for major search and computer companies. Quite frankly, with the U.S. government via the SEC looking into allegations of market manipulation, why not just make it legit, blend all three into one (GAT)?

PageZephyr can democratize and monetize your content.
Markzware‘s place in all of this? Our goal is to “democratize content” as with PageZephyr, which can search InDesign files to free up your content so that you can make better use of it. This valuable desktop search technology enables you to democratize and monetize this content. Find specific text in InDesign files on your hard drive, then publish InDesign stories to take advantage of your content.

Desktop Search Engine Technology and Tools – PageZephyr

Title: Desktop Search Engine Technology and Tools – PageZephyr
Published on: May 6, 2009
David Dilling

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