Adobe InDesign CS5 to WordPress: Convert and Upload Easily

InDesign to WordPress: Need to
Convert InDesign content to WordPress?

Convert InDesign CS5 stylized text content to a WordPress blog with the Adobe CS5 tools in Markzware PageZephyr Search, the content search application for Mac. InDesign to WordPress convert and upload is easy, so it should be no problem to convert Adobe InDesign CS5 to a WordPress blog. The problem is how to create more content.

Try PageZephyr Search, the content search application, before you upload Adobe InDesign CS5 from InDesign to WordPress. Find valuable text and create content, then use an InDesign to WordPress converter.

PageZephyr Search Mac:

  • Indexes content within Apple Macintosh storage volumes that have Spotlight enabled.
  • Supports InDesign CS through InDesign CC files.
  • Goes to the highlighted search term in InDesign for context awareness.
  • Does not need Adobe InDesign installed or running.

How to Content Search with PageZephyr Search Mac:

  • Type in the word you’re looking for.
  • Hit Enter. (You’ll see a list of files on the left and the text within the highlighted file on the right.)
  • To see the word in context, right click “Show Selection in Document”. (If you have an appropriate version of InDesign loaded, it’ll highlight that word and show you where it is in the document.)
  • To Copy and Paste the text out, you can either click and drag to select text, or hit Command-A (Select All), and select Copy. (That will copy the text to your clipboard, which makes it available for use in other applications.)

InDesign to WordPress is ready for you now. So, convert InDesign to a WordPress blog and take advantage of your chance to publish ROI-improving content today!

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Example 4

You may have many Adobe InDesign CS5 files. That is plenty of content contained within InDesign CS5, to use for more content creation. PageZephyr Search shows you the desktop publishing (DTP) files indexed. You can do a content search and find text that is relevant to your keyword(s).

You can copy and paste the found content and edit it as you like, with stylization, colors, etc. Then, you may want to put it on the internet. You can sign into your WordPress blog, for example. Give the post a title. Choose which blog to post it to. You can accept comments and you can even assign it categories.

Paste your content into a file that can be uploaded to WordPress. In seconds, you can take a vast amount of valuable content and upload it to your blog. This is an InDesign to WordPress export or InDesign to WordPress conversion.

Go to the Markzware web site and check out PageZephyr Search. If you use InDesign, PageZephyr Search is really going to be your friend. More than a search engine, it’s a way to recycle or reuse your content on the internet.

Use the Markzware PageZephyr content search application to search InDesign. Then, edit, extract and export Adobe InDesign CS5 and other INDD file formats to the web. Convert InDesign CS5 to a WordPress blog, today!

Title: Adobe InDesign CS5 to WordPress: Convert and Upload Easily
Published on: March 23, 2011
David Dilling

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