InDesign to WordPress with PageZephyr Desktop Search

InDesign to WordPress

PageZephyr Search, Markzware‘s desktop search application for Mac, supports InDesign to WordPress. Search InDesign files. Find content for digital publishing on your blog:

Find Content in INDD Files, using PageZephyr Search.
Then, Upload InDesign to WordPress.

Search InDesign with Markzware’s content search application.
Use the found content to create new content and 
publish InDesign on your WordPress blog.

Adobe InDesign to WordPress
Convert InDesign to your WordPress blog. Search Adobe InDesign files for desktop publishing (DTP), using PageZephyr Search. Markzware’s content search tool is a neat way, to look inside your stylized text stories in Adobe InDesign file formats. This is all without opening them in the native application and without having InDesign on your Mac computer!

The beta testers have, well, been amazed, and so have I. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to this desktop search program to search InDesign. Let’s check it out…

Markzware, the maker of multi-award winning preflight and data conversion products for the graphic media sector is excited to introduce you to PageZephyr Search, a new way liberate your content. In a nut-shell, PageZephyr Search for Mac will search your Adobe InDesign DTP files, so you can copy and paste to distribute your valuable content. Basically, convert InDesign to WordPress!

Convert InDesign to WordPress
DTP files were once bound by expensive layout or desktop publishing applications, in which you created your books, color brochures and printed manuals. This new Mac desktop search technology allows you to recycle your content.

Find keywords or phrases in your proprietary content or data, across hundreds or thousands of files on your Mac drives or volumes. (Windows files can be indexed on a Mac.) Then you can copy and paste to merge content, edit and extract the content to the internet. This is like InDesign to WordPress, really! You could even make a new RTF or DTP file.

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Any All Search Criteria

Liberate what is rightfully your content today, with PageZephyr Search, Mac desktop search. Perfect for publishers and especially editors and journalists. Plus, content managers, advertising agencies, eDiscovery technicians and many other graphic media users. Basically, you can access Adobe InDesign files, with or without the native application, using this app for content search.

Try PageZephyr Search today to search InDesign. Then, you can convert InDesign to your web blog. There is no reason to let legacy content sit around, gathering dust, any longer. Liberate your content. Democratize your Adobe InDesign files and let that content be free to work for you. Search InDesign with PageZephyr Search. Then, publish InDesign to WordPress.

InDesign to WordPress

Title: InDesign to WordPress with PageZephyr Desktop Search
Published on: April 11, 2011
David Dilling

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