Index, search and extract InDesign with PageZephyr

PageZephyr is a content search application that enables you to search within proprietary file formats in Adobe InDesign. See how Markzware‘s content search application works, as shown in this PageZephyr Search video demonstration:

Patrick Marchese, President/CEO of Markzware, introduced PageZephyr at the Print 09 trade show. PageZephyr Search is, basically, a reader to search InDesign proprietary file formats. It is a content search application to help find specific text located in Adobe InDesign. The found text can then be edited and used for print or desktop publishing (DTP).

What Markzware has done here is make previously unsearchable content, searchable. PageZephyr Search helps you to find content within InDesign (INDD) documents. You can copy and paste, edit and re-arrange the found text to create new content. You can then distribute that content to the Internet. For example, you can post your newly created content to websites, such as Google Docs, Scribd, and WordPress.
Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Example 4PageZephyr Search has long been in development, to become another one of the quality Markzware products. This stand-alone content search application helps to bridge the print world with the publishing and online Internet web world. PageZephyr Search can read InDesign files located throughout your hard drive and find specific text, based on your keyword(s).

Markzware shows you how you to do content search via keywords inside InDesign files. You do not need the files open or to have the application running, to do this! PageZephyr Search highlights the found text in the native files and displays the relevant content, right on your desktop.

You can view the INDD content located by PageZephyr Search, as well as copy and paste the displayed text. You can combine excerpts and edit them to create new content for digital publishing.

You can upload your newly created content to many portals, such as Google Docs and WordPress. You can now free your previously locked up content and release it via the Internet. You can also simply save the found text and use for computer screen presentations or print.

View InDesign content WITHOUT needing Adobe Creative Suite applications! Buy PageZephyr Search and find content to publish to an online blog and more. See more DTP solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Search InDesign with PageZephyr!

Title: Index, search and extract InDesign with PageZephyr
Published on: October 5, 2009
David Dilling

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